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5 Presentation Font Trends For 2015

by Adam Noar

Goodbye boring old presentation fonts! Typography is one of the most important components of great PowerPoint design, and in 2015 rich typography will continue to be a dominating design element. Given that high quality fonts are more accessible and more affordable (often times FREE), be prepared to see some new, exciting and interesting trends in fonts within PowerPoint presentations. Interested in knowing more about presentation font trends in the upcoming year? Then, check out the list below with examples created by yours truly ;).

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1) Handwritten Fonts

Today is an age of social media, personalization, and branding. Presentation fonts that mimic the look of handwriting lend to a more authentic and personalized feel to PowerPoint design. With irregular letter size and weights, handwritten fonts makes for unique differentiation. If you want to avoid hiring a hand lettering artist, these handwritten fonts allow you to create a similar look for a much lower cost. Handwritten fonts gives presentations a personal touch, helping the audience feel like the presentations message is coming straight from an actual person.

Some great examples of handwritten fonts:

2) Flat Design Fonts

Over the last year or two there has been a huge rise in websites, and other marketing materials, designed with flat design. “Flat design” is the term given to the style of design in which elements lose any type of stylistic characters that make them appear as though they lift off the page (i.e., the design looks flat). This trend is going to continue into 2015, and many presentation designers are going to favor presentations that promote function over form, and place a clear emphasis on designs that are simplistic, minimalistic, and intelligent. 2015 is going to be all about minimal flat design and choosing fonts that are easy to read. The fonts that will become popular due to flat design are ones that are sharp, crisp, and visually interesting.

It’s interesting to note that many successful flat design presentations use uppercase lettering. It’s also very popular to use white text over a solid background color or a photographic background.

Here are some examples of cool looking fonts to compliment flat designed presentations:

3) Mix & Match Fonts

In 2015, some design experts are predicting that designers will continue to mix and match fonts more than ever before. While the idea might sound busy or confusing, it can actually work and make your PowerPoint slides even more beautiful. It’s becoming more common for presentations to have two or three fonts making the page easier to read and more attractive. Combining a bunch of different fonts that go well together can create an artistic and polished look for your PowerPoint presentation. However, mixing fonts is one of those “fine-line” rules.  It’s okay to use two or three, sometimes even four different typefaces, as long as they complement each other and do not clash.  Be careful on this one though, as sometimes different typefaces put next to one another do not work.

Here are some fun fonts to combine:

4) Hipster Fonts

Hipster fonts give presentations a contemporary feel. They can be very thin or thick and quirky.  A kit of these type of fonts usually has various dingbats (i.e., icon fonts), such as bicycles, mustaches, and arrows (similar to the ones shown in the cover image for this post).  Just make sure to apply them carefully as improper design methods can make presentations look too trendy.

Here are some cool looking hipster fonts:

5) Bold Fonts

Another continuing trend is using bold font styles with large font sizes. In 2015, presentation designers will use display fonts more than ever before. As our screens become larger with higher quality displays, larger fonts will be used more frequently. Using larger and bolder fonts falls in line with the emphasis on content over aesthetic. Text rendered in simplified and readable fonts are very attention grabbing and will encourage audience members to pay attention to the slides.


I hope that you found some of the presentation fonts listed above useful. Remember that every font has its own unique personality. Therefore, when putting together your PowerPoint slides, you need to choose a font that reflects the personality of your brand.

Here’s my question for you …

Do you have a friend that could help with picking some cool fonts for his/her upcoming presentation? If so, make sure to send them a link to this post.

Also …

What is your favorite font to use in your presentations? Leave me a comment below!

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