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10 Hilarious Animated GIFs that Summarize PowerPoint Presentations Perfectly

by Adam Noar


Ahhhh PowerPoint presentations! … some make us laugh …. some make us cheer … while some simply make us want to pull our hair out.

And, of course, some make us do all of the above!

Without doubt, creating and delivering a PowerPoint presentation can be an EMOTIONAL roller coaster:

That’s why we have put together some carefully selected funny animated GIFs that capture the essence of both creating and giving a PowerPoint presentation.


When you’ve just made some amazing edits to your slides and PowerPoint says “Not Responding”


We’ve all been there! Right?!

As much as we try to save our beloved PowerPoint deck every 5 seconds, the reality is we sometimes simply forget. And then the unspeakable happens … PowerPoint goes brain dead with its “Not Responding” message and essentially freezes all motor functions (imagine a scene from HBO’s Westworld but wayyyyy scarier) leaving you twiddling your thumbs like an idiot and pulling your hair out!

Then, just as you realize PowerPoint is now truly frozen and you may have lost all your recent hard work (by not letting you save the presentation), the fury kicks in! Sometimes you survive the ordeal and PowerPoint finally wakes up from its coma and you can go on with your life. Other times you are not so lucky and you lose your recent edits… and the above GIF happens.

As Jack Nicholson once told Adam Sandler in the movie Anger Mangement, “goosfraba” my friends.

The lesson here is:

Keep hitting Ctrl+S (the keyboard shortcut to saving your presentation) throughout your presentation till your fingers get numb :D

For more awesome PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts like this one click here.

Your audience when you spend the first 10 minutes troubleshooting for technical issues

Your audience when you're having technical issues with your PowerPoint

Seriously, why does every technical problem imaginable happen when you’re about to give the most important presentation of your career?

While you should be packing for your presentation like a pro it seems like there is always something that goes wrong that you didn’t anticipate. As a result, your audience patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waits as you nervously try to get your PowerPoint up and running like it should.  And when that fails, that’s when you frantically run down the halls, screaming, in search of the nearest IT service member.

When you can’t tell if your PowerPoint slide looks awesome or terrible


We all know the feeling:

You hopelessly stare at your computer monitor asking the all important question .. does this slide (that I’ve been working on for the past hour) even look remotely legit?

Then, PowerPoint anxiety sets in and before you know it you’re sitting on the shower floor with cold water running over you, shivering, wondering if anything will ever be normal again.

OK. maybe that’s a bit far-fetched.

The best way to know for sure is to simply review your presentation with some colleagues and ask for their feedback.

Just don’t ask your mom. She’ll tell you it looks good regardless.

When you’re desperately trying to finish your PowerPoint before Westworld starts

when-your-trying-to-finish-your-powerpoint-before-westworld-startsDon’t we all wish we could have Bruce Almighty’s special powers when creating PowerPoint presentations? It’s amazing how fast we can knock out a PowerPoint presentation when we have an extremely important TV show to watch.

PowerPoint productivity always goes up 300% when the new season of Game of Thrones comes out.

When you finally figure out that PowerPoint issue that was driving you crazy


There is nothing more frustrating than a PowerPoint deck that is not behaving like you want it to. When you do finally figure out how to solve the problem after “3 hours” of searching on Google, the feeling is beyond words.

Luckily, for PowerPoint 2016 users, you now have the new “Tell me” search bar that can help you figure out how to find certain tools and functions. It’s not perfect but it can help sometimes.

That feeling when you sit through a PowerPoint presentation filled with cheesy images and lengthy bullets


Death by PowerPoint is real!

Most people who’ve endured a terrible PowerPoint presentation will have experienced boredom, followed by frustration, then anger because it took up an hour – or possibly even more – of their lives that they will never get back.

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That feeling when the presenter is 20 minutes over the allotted time and still powering through slides 


Oh, that joyful feeling when you thought a presentation was coming close to an end but the presenter keeps firing away … slide … after slide … after slide!

This is when you kindly tell the presenter that you’re late for your next appointment and run out the room while you still have some sanity left.

When someone asks you a challenging question during your presentation


Did you just ask me a question during my presentation? How dare you!

Ideally, nobody wants to be challenged during a presentation but it’s bound to happen if you present frequently … especially if you present to senior management.

After all, you are presenting to get feedback from others, right?

In these situations, it’s important to “keep your cool” and refrain from disqualifying the statement or getting defensive. Instead, listen, reflect, and evaluate the comment, then try to move the conversation in the right direction … just like James Franco would.

Your audience … after you’ve delivered an exciting presentation


When you just nailed your presentation, you’ll know it.

The key decision maker will quickly pour out a glass of the company’s finest scotch and give you salute. This is when you break out into your happy dance… which brings us to our final GIF below.

You … after you’ve delivered an exciting presentation


You did it! You nailed it! Your audience went wild and tossed flowers on stage as you took a majestic bow.

Time to hit up happy hour and bask in your PowerPoint glory.

As the 1980’s Karate Kid theme song goes…

“You’re the best!
Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down”


We hope you found these animated GIFs both entertaining and 100% relatable. If you didn’t, you probably aren’t human and have no business reading this blog post.

Here’s my question for you …

Do you have a friend that is creating an upcoming PowerPoint presentation and would get a kick out of reading this awesome article? Then, stop what you’re doing and forward this article to him right this second. I’m sure he/she will return the favor one day!

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