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10 “Must Have” Items For an Awesome Presentation Intro Video (Using PowerPoint And Camtasia)

by Adam Noar

how to create a video intro using powerpoint and camtasia
How do you take your next PowerPoint presentation to a whole new level of awesome?

Simple: create an enticing video intro to kick off your presentation!

You see these type of video intros all the time during sales pitches, conferences, trade shows, and company town hall meetings. They’re modern, attention-getting, and engaging, making them the perfect intro for any presentation.

The purpose of these videos is simple:

Get your audience pumped!

Now, you might be thinking that these videos will take a lot of time, money, and effort. If you’re busy and/or on a tight budget I have great news for you. You can create a stunning video intro using only PowerPoint and Camtasia, very quickly and cheaply, if you follow the tips below.

Let’s get started!

#1.) PowerPoint – because you have probably been using it your whole life

There are endless software tools available for creating a video intro, from free to very expensive, but the beauty of PowerPoint is that most people already know how to use it. What’s more is that you can create some really awesome stuff with PowerPoint if you know how to use it to its full potential!

When you need to create a video intro, PowerPoint will be where you create or mix in many of the other video intro elements that we’ll discuss later in this post, including your title slide, logo, information slides, transition slides, image slides, and fonts.

#2.) Camtasia – insanely simple video editing software for putting everything together

This is the other vital ingredient – the video editing software to bring it all together. It’ll allow you to weave together all the components of your video, like the title slide, bumper, transition slides, content slides, music, and any video footage. If you’re using a PC, then many would agree that Camtasia is your best bet.

We love Camtasia for one very simple reason: it makes video editing really easy! It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and does exactly what we need without requiring any video editing experience. It has a drag-and-drop editor along with other essential video assets – don’t make your video intro without this software!

If you need help or want to watch a tutorial, they also have tons of “how-to” video tutorials to answer any question you might have.

#3.) Professional Logo – to brand your video and make it look professional

Adding a logo is a great way to make sure that your brand is consistent and visible on all of your content – and that way viewers know that it’s coming from you and your business!

It will also make your presentation introduction video look a lot more professional.

You can include your logo in a few ways. We recommend at least including it in the intro (beginning) and outro (end) of the video. You can also spice it up by putting it within a video bumper, which we highly recommend because it presents your logo in an awesome and dynamic way – we’ll explain more about video bumpers in the next tip.

If you don’t have a logo and don’t know where to start, head to 99 designs! It’s a super easy way to get a logo that you’ll love and be proud to include in your presentations, videos, and anywhere else you want to put it. All you have to do is launch a logo design contest and hundreds of designers will flood you with their submissions. You even have the option of critiquing and adding feedback, and when your contest is over you’ll leave with an amazing, custom, and thoroughly unique design.

Once your logo is all set, it’s time to create your video bumper!

#4.) Video Logo Sting – to introduce your logo in a dazzling way

awesome video intro using powerpoint and camtasia - video sting with videohive

Don’t settle for a static logo:

You can make your video look 10X better by inserting your logo into a video logo sting! A video logo sting is an animated video intro that introduces your logo in a dynamic way. There are examples of this in tons of professional videos on YouTube where you’ll see them open up that way: this is just one example. Logo stings allow you to brand your videos in a fun way, and create a professional, consistent image across all of your content.

The best part? It’s simple! You can do it all yourself without needing to pay for expensive software on Mac or PC. To create a logo sting you’ll need three things:

  • Professional Logo – we covered this in #3 above
  • Logo Sting Template – this is a downloadable premade logo intro template that showcases y our logo in a dynamic way. It sounds more complicated than it is; there are thousands of templates to choose from at VideoHive.
  • Adobe After Effects ­– this is what you’re going to use to create the logo sting using the logo and the template that you downloaded. After Effects costs $19.99 per month from Adobe, which is pretty cheap! If you don’t think it’s worth the investment because you won’t use it much, you can also use Fivver or Upwork to find someone to create the logo sting for you. You can send them the logo and they’ll create the sting for you!

#5.) Music – add emotion to your video intro using music

The next step is to add some drama to your presentation video opener – music! The best place to find awesome music clips that will fit perfectly with your video is AudioJungle. It’s royalty-free music stock, ideal for commercial needs. Just like VideoHive is the best place to download logo sting templates (which we mentioned in #4 above), AudioJungle is where it’s at for professional music clips. They have a huge variety to choose from, from music tracks to samples to loops to sound effects. It’s all super easy to sort through with the flexible search bar.

  • In general, your music should be happy and upbeat. You’ll probably know it when you see it – something that will get people energized and pumped for what comes next, but without coming on too strong. If you need a starting point, these are some of the best rated Here are some of the best-rated uplifting music examples to get you started:
  • Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate – this one is motivating and inspirational, perfect for inspiring projects and high-level business
  • Upbeat Energetic Inspiring Pop – coming off as more modern and fun, this one is great for things like Kickstarter or other fun presentations
  • Inspiring – if you have a longer story with a slow build that needs some inspiring music, this is the perfect choice

As you can see, the music you choose conveys a lot of emotion and really sets the tone. Pick something that reflects your brand and your mission, and is also a good fit for the presentation you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to listen to a lot of different tracks to find the perfect match!

#6.) Images

No one likes text-heavy presentations – they don’t like text-heavy videos either! You’ll need to utilize some good images to capture the emotion of the presentation and bring your points to life. Take some time to brainstorm about the message you’re conveying and the types of images you want – it will make the search go a lot smoother and faster.

There are two go-to places we love here at Presentation Panda. The first is Unsplash, which has a huge selling point: all the images are free! Believe it or not, not only are they free, but they’re all incredibly high quality and beautiful. You won’t find any ridiculous or weird stock photos on their website like women laughing while eating salad or a man dressed up like a ninja typing on an old desktop computer. Their curated gallery is pleasing just to look at on its own, and they have a wide variety so you’ll be sure to find something that will work.

While Unsplash is free, sometimes it is worth it to pay some money to get exactly what you’re looking for; that’s where Photodune comes in. They have extremely high-quality images and offer some types of images that Unsplash doesn’t. It’s all about what works for you and your presentation.

#7.) A Beautiful Title Slide

You want to wow your audience off the bat, which means starting by nailing your title slide that follows your logo sting. Start with a bang by making a title slide that grabs people’s attention and gets them geared up for your presentation.

A title slide should clearly convey the title of your presentation (duh). It should also be consistent with the logo, the logo sting, and the rest of your branding if possible. If it’s a unique presentation, use it to set the tone for everything to come next. Whether your vision is inspiring and uplifting or bold and dramatic, make sure everything on the title slide conveys that vision.

If you want some inspiration, we’ve got your back! Here are some examples of title slides to give you some inspiration.

Not to worry, if you don’t want to create your own, there’s nothing wrong with using a template – as long as it’s a good one. You can do either and it will come out well if you do it right! A template that you can modify is ideal in this case. We’ll cover presentation templates more in #9.

#8.) Stunning Transition Slides

One of the things you want to avoid is overloading your audience with all your information at once, or with different sections muddled together. Breaking it up into logical sections to make it digestible is key to helping your audience absorb everything you’re trying to get across in your presentation video intro.

How do you do this? Transition slides! These will make it clear to your audience that you’re moving to a new section or point, and they’ll be able to follow your story and stay on the same page you are. It can be as simple as a title and number, or as fancy as a creative slide that has new images to gear your audience up for the next point.

#9.) Presentation Template

There are lots of reasons you might want to use a template – maybe you’re busy, or you don’t have time to learn PowerPoint, or you’re just not feeling it creatively.

A template can save you a ton of time, but it can really backfire if you don’t choose one that complements your presentation, is easy to modify and comes with any bells and whistles that you want. If you need help choosing a good one, here are some awesome templates to get you started. You’ll still need to do some work on the front end, mostly to brainstorm about your presentation, so that you can find the right fit. It’s so worth it! It’ll be guaranteed to look great, and you’ll save tons of time.

#10.) Nice selection of Fonts

Finally, fonts. You’d be surprised at how big of a difference fonts make. You’re putting all this work into the rest of your video, make sure your fonts are just as snazzy! You can find some excellent free fonts for your slides at fontsquirrel.com. If you’re looking for a place to start, these are some of our favorites:

  • Bebas Neue – very clean lines, it gets compared to Helvetica (but free!)
  • Pacifico – this is a beautiful script font, great for titles and accents
  • Roboto – easy and pleasant to read, it’s ideal for more text-heavy sections

If you want some bang for your buck, we also have some favorite paid fonts at from GraphicRiver:

  • Porter – if you’re looking for something striking and simple, this sans serif font is the way to go
  • Brave – this one is more innovative and unique, with a bit of a whimsical spin
  • Building – this is another bold sans serif, a bit taller and bolder than the first one

There are basically two main things to shoot for when choosing fonts for your presentation. First, aim for only 2 to 3 different fonts. Having more than one breaks up the visual interest, but having less than 4 helps you keep the type consistent with the same things – for example, one font for headers and one for regular text. Second, aim to use fonts that fonts that complement each other.


We love how versatile presentations are. Creating an awesome video (using PowerPoint and Camtasia) to start your presentation is just one way to wow your audience, and we love how modern and attention-getting it is! We hope these tips help when you create your next video intro.

Do you have any tips we missed? Share them below!

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