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4 Cool PowerPoint Designs To Consider For Your Next Presentation Template

by Adam Noar

There are many ways to design a presentation. Sometimes, thinking about all those options can feel overwhelming. Even if you have a general idea of what you want it to look like, you may be struggling with coming up with a unique presentation design that will stand out from the crowd.

You know you need a really cool design for your next presentation, and that is not going to come standard in PowerPoint. You are going to need to create it yourself. But where to begin?

Well, begin by looking around for a little inspiration – and you can begin right on this post.

Today we are going to talk about some cool PowerPoint designs to inject your brain with a little PowerPoint inspiration and jumpstart some creativity.

As you read through this post, pay attention to what you like and dislike about certain aspects of each example, and what would work for your presentation. Not every suggestion is going to be right for every presentation, it will depend on your topic and desired effect.

Let’s get started!

#1.) The Black and White Look

cool powerpoint designs - verzus powerpoint template

Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

If you have ever admired an Ansel Adam painting, then you know the power of black and white design. In a world of colored presentations, a black and white design can stand out. It makes a bold statement, and can be an extremely elegant PowerPoint template, and can be very powerful.

Black and white are two of the most emotive visuals in nature – polar opposite, the two represent opposing metaphors. Black can be seen as dark, a symbol of authority, power, and occasionally as a symbol of evil. White is a sign of purity, brightness, wisdom, and a natural innocence that combats its opponent.

You can see why these are so perfect to pair together. They offset each other and achieve a balance that they cannot achieve alone.

Using such a stark dichotomy, you immediately establish a dynamic design. The two shades combine to complement and contrast each other in a way that even colors opposite on the color wheel cannot do. It is clean, and can be simple or complex, depending on the detail you decide to include on your slides. It has endless opportunities that the other color schemes just can’t generate – it is all about that balance.

If you look at the example slide, you can see the many ways this contrast is utilized. On the top, you have simple, but impactful icons. There is a great contrast between the icons with a black background and white linework, and a classic look to the icon with the white background and black linework. Combined, these play off each other well and provide some interest to the slide.

Second, there are the parts of the slide with the white background. This is a classic look, very clean and somewhat traditional, although the monochrome black and white adds a bit of drama. However, contrasting with the part of the slide with the black background, which is very dramatic and powerful, it keeps the audience interested.

It is a great look to do both of these on one slide, as in the example, or to make some slides white background with black text and icons, and the other slides black background with white text and icons to accentuate certain slides.

Another thing we love about this is the photographs in greyscale. Something about the black and white photos makes them stand out and look more professional, but also gives them an artistic touch. In this template, the photos are done in a geometric shape, which contrasts well with the circular icons. You can play around with different geometric shapes for icons and photos because they complement this style really well.

If you are looking for a stylish PowerPoint template that balances clean elegance with a bit of drama, this is the one for you!

#2.) Design Agency Sheik

London Keynote Template

Presentations that look like they were inspired by a fashion magazine will certainly capture an audience’s attention. It is a complex look, with many different sections and moving parts, but well worth it if you can pull off the look. It is an elegant and stylish PowerPoint style that is sure to impress your audience.

First, we love the tiled look of this layout. There are two different examples of how this can be done in the example. The first option is with the main tile large and centered in the middle of the slide, with tiles surrounding it and going off the page. This gives a very chic and artistic look, showing how all your slides complement each other in style and form, but giving credence to the main tile so your audience focuses on that.

The second option is to have the full page of tiles, evenly spaced and all included on the page. This is more of a professional design-focused look, very pleasing to the eye. It does the same thing as above, by showing the cohesion of your slides, but gives equal space to each slide instead of highlighting one.

This will also require many different fonts to pull off. As you flip through magazines, there are going to be lots of different fonts to go with each style and feel of each spread, which is similar to this layout. As an example, the template shown above uses 17 different fonts. However, if you can make it work, it is well worth it!

The fonts they use all work together, which is quite a feat to pull off. However, you can take some pointers on what they have done. For larger headers that demand attention, they have used more striking and dramatic fonts. For smaller sections, they have focused on making the fonts clear and readable, but still complementary to the header fonts.

Another thing we love is the overall creativity. It is really designed like a spread, with all the pieces working cohesively together. The framing of certain information, the title slide word that is broken into three words, and the slide that focuses almost entirely on the image with the text very small in the corner, are all very creative ways to lay out a slide. This is a very elegant PowerPoint template, and if your topic would work well with a design and arts-heavy layout, this amazing PowerPoint design is a great choice.

It is also worth noting that this is also a black and white template like above, but they have chosen a beautiful muted pink as an accent color. The dusty, cool-toned pink is very trendy right now, and it provides a beautiful contrast with the black and white. The template keeps its drama with the black and white contrast, but it is softened by the accent color.

#3.) Picture Within a Picture

Clean PowerPoint Template

If you take the time to do something really creative with your presentation, you are going to win over your audience. This can definitely take more time – unless you get a template! Guess what we have for you.

There are a lot of creative things you can do with images, and this is one we really love. It has a very modern look, cutting edge and sleek. This is one of the most modern PowerPoint templates we have, and looks like you spend a lot of time on the effect.

But this is the best of both worlds – it looks amazing and it is easy to do!

This template has a “picture within a picture” effect. This is a new trend in PowerPoint presentations, and it is to incorporate an illustrator effect that overlays a picture inside another picture. You can see this in the example slides, that have a picture of a mountain range overlaid on the silhouette of a main in a suit, and the picture of the trees overlaid on the deer.

What is great about this is that you can still see the details of both photographs, which is what makes it look so modern. It gives the photo a very complex and beautiful feel, and really blends both concepts together.

Because of this, if you have two concepts you want to blend together, this unique PowerPoint template is ideal. Instead of telling your audience that you want to combine these two ideas, you can use this template to illustrate the combination of the images.

If you want to make this your own and make it a little less complex, you can do something similar that is a little more simple. You can brainstorm about the two ideas you want to combine – using the same example as in the slide, a man in a suit and the mountains – instead of blending and overlaying the photos, you can use show one image in the silhouette of the other. So instead of being able to still see the details in the suit, like the tie and the wrinkles, the mountain range would be fully visible within an outline of the man in the suit.

Finally, the other thing we love about this example is the split concept between images and text. There is a very creative and textured image on one side, and very simple text on the other, which is an effective way to present your information. They complement each other well and give your audience a few different things to focus on. Stunning presentations templates like this one are perfect for cutting-edge presentations.

#4.) Awesome Brush Photos

Clean PowerPoint Template

Putting images on your slides is kind of a given. It is usually recommended to have more images and less text because it is easier to keep your audience focused. They will either read what you have on your slide, or listen to what you are saying, but they will not do both.

Because of this, images are a great way to fill your slide with content but not distract your audience. But instead of just throwing an image on your slide, why not make it look extra cool?

One way to do this is by creating an object that looks like a brush stroke and then inserting your image into that object. Even better, download this awesome and clean PowerPoint template so that it is already done for you!

This can be a stylish or minimalist PowerPoint template, depending on the photos you choose to use. In the example above, you can see that on the top portion, there is a grayscale and professional photo, which gives the slide a minimalist, clean, and monochromatic mood. The brush stroke injects some creativity and interest, which is perfect to balance it out.

On the bottom portion of the example, you can see that the image is in color and more artistic, almost like an editorial photo. The brush strokes complement this feel as well, giving it an artsy accent. This is not a complex photo, which would not work well with a more complex texture like the brush stroke, so it is a perfect choice.

This is a great, creative PowerPoint template, and a very cool design to incorporate into your slides. If you have a presentation that is fairly simple and needs a cohesive design element, definitely check out this minimal PowerPoint design.


Wow! Those were some cool PowerPoint designs! We tried to pick a mix of designs and styles that would work for a variety of presentations – modern, clean, minimalist, creative, artistic, whatever feel your presentation is going to have, we hope you found some inspiration here.

There are some cool PowerPoint templates in this list, and some creative ideas to incorporate into your presentation. But we want to know what you think! What are your latest creative inspirations? What cool designs have you been showcasing in your presentations? Let us know in the comments!

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