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5 Presentation Tips That Will Take Your Slides To The Next Level

by Adam Noar

presentation tips - 5 tips to take to slides to the next level

Ready to take your presentation to the next level? Here is a collection of 5 simple presentation tips that can give you a nice boost to grab your audiences attention.

#1. Make Your Topic Transitions Different

It’s important to avoid making each slide look exactly the same. I highly recommend creating one style for the slides with your main content, and then another style for the transitions between topics. For example, if your general slides have a light background with dark text, try transition slides that have a dark background with light text. That way they feel like part of the same theme, but the presentation will likely look consistent. This also gives your audience a visual cue that you’re moving onto a new topic.

#2.  Use Masking To Draw Attention

Your audience needs to be directed immediately to the area you want them to see. If you don’t do this, your audience can quickly become lost or overwhelmed by looking at your slide. There are many ways to direct attention. One way is to dupe-and-mask. You might want to try this presentation tip if you are introducing a new page design, and you don’t want the audience to see the whole design until you are finished talking about individual components of it. You can use this technique to call out anything you want in a screenshot.

presentation tips - masking

#3. Reproduce Simple Charts And Graphs

When it comes to charts and graphs, look for ways to get your message across with as few distracting elements as possible. If the graph data is simple enough, consider recreating your own chart. It may sound like unnecessary work, but it can really make your presentation look smooth and feel consistent. This will help you avoid distracting background images, gridlines, weird color schemes, and other elements that clutter the look of your slide. By recreating your own chart, you’ll have control over colors, typography, and more.

#4. Try Panning Large Images

Often, I want to show screen shot of an entire web page or large panoramic images in my presentations. The problem is that these images can be much longer than the canvas size of the presentation. Rather than scaling the image to an illegible size, or cropping it, you can pan it vertically or horizontally as you talk about it. In PowerPoint, this is done using the “push animation” (seen in the image below). It can also be done in Keynote by using the “move” effect.

presentation tips panning 1

presentation tips - panning

#5. Build Your Slides Last

Building your slides should be the last part of developing your presentation. First, it’s important to think about your main message and structure your supporting points. Then practice your message and key points out loud and time your delivery. Once you master these key components you can then start thinking about putting your slides together. The presentation needs to stand on its own; the slides are just a mechanism to enhance the listener experience. Too often, I see slide decks that feel more like presenter notes, but I think it’s far more effective when the slides are for the audience to give them a visual experience that drives the key points home.


I hope that you found these 5 presentation tips useful. Following these tips will help you nail your next presentation.

Let me ask you this …

Do you have a friend that could use some help designing some nice looking PowerPoint slides for an important presentation they have coming up? If so, make sure to send them a link to these presentation tips. I’m sure they will return the favor one day to you!


Do you think you will try these presentation tips yourself? Leave me a detailed comment below! I make sure to read each and every one!

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Level Up Icon – The Noun Project by Haik Dettmann

Twitter Image (remixed by Adam Noar) by Ogilvy PR

Panning Image (remixed by Adam Noar) by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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    Craig Hadden (@RemotePoss)


    I especially like tip #4, about panning large images. That could make your deck look unlike PowerPoint, which would draw people’s attention for sure!

    Here’s a video showing one way to mask a screenshot, like you mention in tip #2:

    Comments are always welcome on my blog – as are links back to your own posts if you like. (We all get more traffic if we link to each other.)


      Adam Noar


      Thanks Craig. Glad you found that tip helpful!


    Henry Motyka


    When you present, rather than having everyone staring at your slides, try using your own visual cues to get their attention. Watch the beginning of Pumping Iron as Arnold S. loos up to the heavens briefly before he begins his posing routine. It’s very dramatic. Also, use your hands to create a visual effect. But don’t do too much of this as you want their attention on your slides.


      Presentation Panda


      Much agreed. You can use your hands to help emphasize a point, to express emotion, and to engage your audience.