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Advanced PowerPoint Tips and Tricks to Use in 2019

by Adam Noar

advanced powerpoint tips and tricks 2019

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to get back to work and make 2019 the year of delivering EXCITING presentations.

To give you a booster, I’ve put together a list of some advanced PowerPoint tips that you can start using right away.

These PowerPoint tips and tricks can be summarized in three words: movement, design, interaction.

Let’s go!

#1.) Get a Move on Using Video, Zoom, and Morph

This isn’t the dark ages, and slide decks aren’t static. It’s time to animate your presentation, but not with random animated GIFs of dancing cats in tutus.

If, you’re going to use animated GIFS, try Flixel, which turns your average pic into freakin’ cinematic art. Just sayin’, but that’s a whole other post!

flixel turns your animated gifs into art

You can turn animated GIFs into works of art with Flixel

Look, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video worth? Like, a gazillion words (and more in $$$), at least, says video-sharing-service YouTube.

Do you know how many people watch YouTube on a DAILY basis? Ninety-five out of a hundred people with Internet access also get YouTube. That translates into billions of viewers watching billions of videos.

If YouTube were a primary color, it would be one-third of the color wheel, just like it’s already one-third of the Internet.

Video works. Try capturing your audience’s imagination with Video, Zoom, and Morph features. It’s easy to do with do-it-yourself hacks like these.


Okay, so video in a PowerPoint presentation isn’t new. Presenters have long embedded video in their presentations to make a particular point.

For example, one of the most popular videos, with nearly two million views!, came from EDS; it’s called Cat Herders. The message resonated with all kinds of audiences. It particularly appealed to anyone in charge of other people: managers, teachers, clergy, HR departments, and frazzled parents. Because trying to work with people is like, well, herding cats.

Embedded videos get the point across.

What IS new, however, is Microsoft Stream. If you’re already a member of Office 365, you know that Microsoft has already been moving their vids into Stream. Their latest PowerPoint tips and tricks offer a more intelligent and secure hosting environment. In 2019, Microsoft will begin allowing consumers in specific regions to opt in or out.

In the meantime, you can – and should — still insert video from a variety of sources, including YouTube.



Insert a Youtube video onto your slide with just a few clicks

Find the embed code from your video and copy it.

1.) Click on your PowerPoint slide

2.) Go to the Insert menu

3.) Click on Video>Online video

4.) Paste the embed code when prompted

Inserting a view-ready video really is that easy!

PowerPoint’s Zoom Feature

I bet you’ve had to sit through one of those PowerPoints where the presenter got lost.

Someone asked a question, or the presenter remembered that he FORGOT to say something about a slide TWENTY-THREE MINUTES AGO. Then it’s off to the mines, because the presenter now has to click backward through the last 116 slides to find it. One. At. A. Time.

While you go get more coffee. Update your calendar. Pick lint out of your bellybutton.

NO MORE!, says advanced PowerPoint techniques.

What if you could whiz through your slides with almost seamless transitions? Focus on specific details? Jump among slides in response to audience interest?

Zoom makes all of that a reality.


1.) Go to Insert > Zoom.
2.) Click on Slide Zoom.
3.) You’ll be prompted to choose between Summary (think of this as a landing page) / Section (for demonstrating connections between slides) / Slide (drilling down to minute details).

In the Zoom feature, you can also drag-and-drop your images.

PowerPoint Morph

Videos and Zoom are cool advanced PowerPoint techniques, but Morph takes the cake.

Back when dinosaurs wandered the Earth, designing PowerPoint slides was a lot like creating those primitive moving cartoons in the corners of your textbooks.

Maybe you too were one of those kids who laboriously drew frame after frame on each page. Flipping rapidly through the pages created animation, and the final product let you zoom in or out of the scenes you drew.

Once upon a time, many of us did the same thing with our PowerPoint presentations to give the illusion of animation. It was just as labor-intensive and awkward as those primitive drawings in your books.

Morph just made that work a whole lot easier.

It’s a transition tool, so you’ll need at least two slides for this technique.


1.) Begin with your first slide, and duplicate
2.) Go to the duplicate and move the object to another location within the slide.
3.) While on the second slide, go to Transitions (> Transitions Effects) and click on Morph.
4.) Select the Effect Options to identify what you want to morph.
5.) Preview will allow you to check your work.

But wait, that’s not all!

Morph also allows you to breather life and movement into words, anagrams, shapes, and even 3D images. When you’re in Effect Options, choose between Objects, Words, and Characters.

PowerPoint 3D Models – the way they should be

Remember Ender’s Game, where the cadet’s lessons come alive as 3D-holograms, floating just above the laptop keyboards? How cool was THAT?

Don’t get excited, we’re not there – yet – but advanced PowerPoint tips and tricks now include curated 3D models and images. You can browse through a variety of image categories in Remix 3D to find objects that will enhance your slides. The models are like clip art on steroids.

Remix 3D is not only an online catalog with a large collection of free three-dimensional models to choose from, it’s also a community where you can upload, collect, and share your own 3D images.

Image insertion is easy; it’s no different than adding any other images. But the real treat is in being able to manipulate the image and show it from any angle.


1.) Go to the slide you want to put your image in
2.) Go to Insert
3.) Click on 3D Models > From a File
4.) Use your mouse to manipulate the image just as you would any other

Avoid the temptation to add 3D images willy-nilly just because you can.

Your slide deck isn’t a unicorn so you don’t need to sprinkle in 3D images like glitter. Use images to augment your presentation, not decorate it.

 #2.) Design 

Maybe you don’t need Designer.

That’s because you’re the kind of person who can assemble IKEA furniture without the directions – and not have any parts left over. I’m envious. You take architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s words to heart: form follows function, so you design intuitively. You know what you’re doing.

You, my savvy friend, can skip this section.

For the rest of you I’d like to introduce PowerPoint designer …

PowerPoint Designer Tool

But if you need help taking the boring to brilliant, Designer will be your new BFF.

The new Office 365 software makes suggestions based on your thumbnails and basic slides.  Then it will ask permission to dazzle you with design brilliance with gallery themes.

Remember cropping photos according to the Rule of Thirds? Advanced PowerPoint techniques now do the work for you Designer. This new feature uses facial recognition improvement to crop photos and develop powerful displays.

What if you can’t distinguish the color of a flamingo’s tushy bottom from the 2019 Pantone color of the year, which BTW is PANTONE #16-1546 (Living Coral)?

Not to worry.

PowerPoint now extracts color from the photos you insert into your slides and creates stunning visual displays.

You get intelligent complementary color schemes every time, and your audience gets wowed by your professionalism.


1.) Identify the images or text you want.
2.) For pictures, find Insert>Pictures. Select the picture when prompted and the program will do the rest.
3.) For text, copy-paste the text or type directly onto the slide.
4.) Activate Designer. A message will ask if you’d like design ideas. Select Turn on.

The only thing Designer can’t do for you is pour you a glass of pinot to celebrate how awesome your presentation looks.

Pinkies up!

Interact naturally

Here’s a secret: the best PowerPoint presentations are interactive. They don’t just invite engagement, they demand it.

And so does your audience.

Digital Inking

Are you a doodler?

Do you find yourself always adding to the visuals in front of you, especially when you’re also the presenter?

You are not alone. There are a lot of us out there who feel compelled to add that je ne sais quoi, as the French say, that extra touch of last minute design emphasis, even if it’s nothing more than a smiley face.

PowerPoint lets you augment your design with on-the-fly writing tools. Turn to the advanced PowerPoint techniques in Office 365, for a palette of shimmering color and ample choices of width and texture.


1.) Using the Ribbon at the top of your PowerPoint, tap on Draw.
2.) Tap it a second time. Thickness and Color pen options will open. Select the size and color you want.
3.) More Colors gives you additional options, plus color effects and pencil textures.
4.) Turn off inking tools by undoing

For maximum pen control, you ideally want to have a digital pen or a second best option would be to have a touch-enabled screen.

Drive the deck with your smartphone

Still carrying around a clicker for your presentations?  That’s cute. It’s also so last century. Save it for Throwback Thursday, and pull out your smartphone instead.

Your mobile phone is now your slideshow driver and laser-pointer, all in one.


1.) There’s a FREE app for Android, iPhone, and Windows called Office Remote. Download it.
2.) Use the Wi-Fi to connect your phone and the projector to each other. (You can also use an HDMI cable if you don’t mind being tethered to the device.)
3.) Activate the app.

Actually, I’ve been toying with you. The smartphone is so last year.

As it turns out, the pen really is mightier than the sword. Or the wireless presenter device with laser pointer, for that matter.

Among the more advanced PowerPoint tips techniques, you also can use your new Platinum Surface Pen to drive the deck.  In fact, any Bluetooth-enabled writing instrument will have you orchestrating your PowerPoint presentation like a maestro.

Who’s the boss now?

Conclusion: These advanced PowerPoint techniques rock … so use them!

And they’re available in a variety of convenient bundles for home and business use, but hey, I’m no Microsoft salesman.

I just want you to have the best options for your PowerPoint presentations. You’ll blow away your audiences. More importantly, these advanced PowerPoint techniques will help you deliver the message you want to send.

Whatever you do, don’t make this the year you bottled it when it comes to making your presentation stand out.

New PowerPoint tips 2019 will continue to roll out throughout the year. And they’ll make designing presentations way more fun than trying to cling to your resolutions long after the shiny has worn off.

Okay, so tell me: Which of these tips and techniques is your go-to-favorite?

What is the one thing you’d never give up in your presentation design?

You know the drill.

Leave your comments below.

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