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Create Amazing Presentations Using The 5 Best PowerPoint Templates Of 2016

by Adam Noar

Best PowerPoint Templates - Best PowerPoint Templates of 2016 - Best Presentation Templates 2016

People who create AMAZING presentations do two things very well:

First, they understand the fundamentals of a what makes a good looking slide.

Second, they invest in RESOURCES for creating awesome looking presentations … and one of these resources are professionally designed PowerPoint templates.

Using a PowerPoint template for your presentation is a lot like having someone pick out a killer outfit for you:

You know you look great, and you can focus on what really matters: the content. Of course, you don’t want to show up to your presentation in cargo shorts and flip flops (unless you work at one of those hip start-ups in Silicon Valley), so we’ve picked out the best million-dollar looks for your big day.

If you’re looking to save a ton of time when you’re putting together your next presentation and instantly get off to a great start, these templates are definitely for you.

If you have no idea where to start looking, you’re in luck  …

We have compiled a short list of best PowerPoint templates in 2016 for you.

Consider us your personal PowerPoint project stylist.

What’s even more awesome is that you can instantly download any of these templates from Graphic River and get the immediate CONFIDENCE boost that comes from knowing you’re starting out your presentation project right.

Graphic River - PowerPoint templates - presentation templates

No more bland presentation decks!

No more worrying about whether that font looks good with that color palette! – all the fluffy superfluous design stuff has been taken care of for you.

Read on to find the perfect professional PowerPoint template for your presentation, satisfaction guaranteed.

Future – A Colorful Presentation Template Just Might Make Your Audience Smile

Best presentation template - best presentation template 2016

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If 3D movies are your thing, this creative presentation template is definitely going to be your new favorite:

Future has over 265 hand-crafted custom slides with General and Advanced designs, so there’s definitely a lot to choose from. It also has a lot of quality graphics, many of them 3D, making it compatible with the most advanced presentation technology on the market. All of this is mixed in with artistic layouts, which come with drag and drop image manipulation compatibility, making it super easy for you to replace demo images with stock images of your own.

It’s also got an impressive color palette of 5-7 colors per slide (like the one seen below):

It’s a bold look, but it’s balanced by clean looking parallax scrolling process slides and seamless animations.

If you’re really into rainbows, this is the amazing PowerPoint template you’ve been not-so-secretly dreaming about. Assuming you dream about PowerPoint templates in your sleep – we thought we were the only ones there for a moment!

professional presentation template - modern presentation template

The slides are divided into 17 sections, and corresponding subsections, so it really can meet whatever your presentation needs are.

One of our favorites sections is the Business Team Profile, which includes masonry grid images of your team and important information about them, and over a dozen other team bio slides. Our other favorite slide pack in this amazing PowerPoint presentation template is the vector map infographic, which has over 25 slides with map vectors of Europe, Australia, the USA, and Asia;

all the big markets are covered here!

Download the “Future” PowerPoint template here

Influencer – The PowerPoint Template That Will Have Your Audience Saying “YES!” Every Single Time

best PowerPoint template - best presentation template - best powerpoint template 2016

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If you couldn’t tell, we love to geek out about professional PowerPoint presentation templates.

In fact, we love them so much we decided to create our own! Just released, the formidable Influencer is an awesome template with over 200 unique slides and creative layouts.

We also know how important it is to be able to choose images and graphics that are perfect for your project:

That’s why we included a ton of high quality images that reflect the professionalism and dynamic content your audience expects of you. The Influencer also has creative animations, transitions, and innovative parallax scrolling slides that turn up the coolness factor a notch or three.

Here’s an example of some parrallax goodness in action …

Our Process Animation - Animated GIF

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’ve added a really cool business infographic section featuring tons of interesting graphs with alternating color panels and lots of customizable vectors that will make any data-driven presenter salivate.

Another one of our favorite features is the clickable “Choose Your Own Adventure” table of contents. We love this because you can easily jump to any of the 12 sections in the template by clicking on any of the tiles in the table of contents slide. This saves you the pain of creating subsection slides and since you can pick and choose which sections to include in your table of contents, it will fit your presentation like a glove.

What can we say, we really liked those Choose Your Own Adventure books (like all kids who grew up in the 80s).

creative PowerPoint presentation, creative presentation template

“But that’s not all!” we yell in a cheesy late-night infomercial voice:

As you know, minimalist presentation icons are the latest trend; so we included over 500 of them with The Influencer. We went with a professional Dark and Light theme, versatile Bebas Neue font, and best of all, everything is 100% editable directly in PowerPoint;

No Photoshop needed!

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to customize your presentation, without having to rely on other programs to make your presentation.

Download the “Influencer” PowerPoint template here

Eureka – A Modern Slide Deck That Provides That “Agency” Look and Feel

clean PowerPoint template - creative PowerPoint template

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Warning! This template may make you want to grow a super awesome grizzly beard:

Remember those people we talked about earlier who show up to their presentation in cargo shorts and flip flops? On the other side of things are the presentation hipsters, who are probably wearing a flannel shirt, sporting an impeccably groomed beard, and totally loving this modern presentation template. It’s artsy, creative, and very minimalist — perfect for the everyday hipster-professional who bikes to work and uses terms like “synergy” in their everyday conversation (if that’s you, we’re secretly jealous).

Eureka has got an awesome contemporary design, with cool photo blends, creative brush stroke image effects, which may not be best suited for a more “formal” corporate presentation …

… but is a perfect fit for the artsy creative vibe.

It also boasts an incredible 95 color themes that are all completely synergistic (there’s that word again) for maximum awesomeness.

amazing PowerPoint templates - amazing presentation templates

Pretty much any presentation topic you decide to cover has a matching complementary set of vector icons available in this presentation template, because there are a whopping 3,000 of them at your disposal.

Almost no stone has been left unturned with this template – you can add slides as various as dynamic pricing tables, testimonials featuring moving customer blurbs, and a bundle of extra artsy looking subsection divider slides with edgy looking photo frames and image placeholders.

If you are a data-hungry, this presentation template gives you 12 awesome looking charts, bar graphs, and other number-crunching slides that tell the story of the numbers, but look cool doing it.

The only downside to this one is that you can’t edit the photos if you don’t have Photoshop;

This means that unfortunately, you can’t edit them in PowerPoint.

But still, this is a clean and beautiful presentation template that you’ll be proud to show off in front of a crowd.

Download the “Eureka” PowerPoint template here

The Seven – A Clean Presentation Design That’s Bringing Calibri’s “Sexy Back”

modern presentation template - modern PowerPoint template

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The best part of The Seven PowerPoint template is its clever, one-of-a-kind animations:

For real, we were impressed. And we don’t get impressed easily!

The animations really make this slide template stand out from the others. Of course, that’s assuming you want to use lots of animations in your presentation. One important thing to point out:

As we discussed a couple weeks back in our PowerPoint vs. Prezi post, you do need to be careful about animation overboard:

It can be distracting with the overuse or misuse of animations (which is more common in with Prezi presentations).

Then comes the font situation …

The Seven template comes with with one font:

Calibri which is already included with PowerPoint, so if you’re annoyed by having to install custom fonts that will be a big plus.

However …

If the thought of using only Calibri makes your say “meh” and you love the flexibility of custom fonts, you might find this one boring.

On the flipside, a really interesting aspect of this template is the Modern City subsection, which features pre-set slides with silhouettes of the London, New York, Rome, and Paris skylines, and relevant vectors and content tidbits below them. If your presentation focuses specifically on markets in one or more of these major cities, or any other city for that matter, this particular section could be really useful for you when you talk about your company’s operations and impact in a specific area.

clean presentation template - clean PowerPoint template

The other important note is that this PowerPoint template only comes in a 16×9 format.

For those 4×3 fanatics out there, you’ll be happy with any of the others on the list, but not this one. We assume the designer figured that most people like the 16×9 format, or he had an irrational hatred of the 4×3. Either way, if you’re particular about your 4×3 presentation, keep reading.

If you are the type of person who loves handing out printouts of your presentation in advance for your audience to follow along, you will definitely appreciate that The 7 comes A4 print-ready, which makes it way less of a hassle to create presentation booklets.

Download “The Seven” PowerPoint template here

Best – A Simple PowerPoint Template That Gets The Job Done

modern presentation template - amazing PowerPoint templates

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Introducing the Best PowerPoint template …

Will somebody please cue the original Karate Kid movie theme song already:

“You’re the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down”; we assume that the designer of the presentation came up with the name “Best” while watching that movie. That, and they’re probably really cocky. Maybe it’s time to “sweep the leg Johnny!”

OK no more teasing on the name …

To be fair, it does have 300 unique slides and 50 color variations. It also has a light and dark version with lots of graphics that are super easy to edit. The designer was pretty on point with the name (although we’re still pretty biased towards The Influencer – how could we ever say any other presentation was the best)?

There are 8 slide subsections, but by far the two deepest ones in the group are Mockups and Charts/Diagrams.

For Mockups, the biggest mark in its favor is for mobile app developers – it has an incredible 56 mobile device slides! That’s pretty unheard of, which makes this an awesome PowerPoint template for anyone in the mobile app game. This probably explains why it’s named “the best”, because there is no doubt a lot of people who could use a mobile-friendly presentation template.

creative powerpoint template - professional presentation template

The Charts and Diagrams are divided into 7 subsections – already off to an incredible start. The subsections focus on a variety of data or processes; for example, the Tree diagrams don’t focus on a linear process, rather, they emphasize a variety of different ideas or actionable concepts that spring up from one source. The Process diagrams are really useful if you are providing a linear solution to any type of problem, as they include a left-to-right beginning, middle, and end sequence of slides in a strict and clean order.

Finally, if you’re a graphic design geek like we are, this PowerPoint presentation template might capture your heart because of the svelte image overlays that give a distinctly Instagram-esque appeal to your slides.

Download the “Best” PowerPoint template here


Although we are pretty proud of our own template, The Influencer, we can’t just toot our own horn all the time. We know we’re in good company!

And we understand that one template can’t meet the needs of EVERY SINGLE customer. Having a variety of creative, awesome PowerPoint templates is a must, which is why we put together this list of 5 awesome templates (including ours, of course) that look great in 2016.

Any of the templates listed would be a great choice for your presentation, though some of them do have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs. We’ve included these templates because we want you to understand that you have a ton of options when you’re looking for the right presentation tool for you, and we wouldn’t be who we claim to be if we didn’t love sharing other awesome presentation resources.

You can pick the one you love and start your presentation out with the best format, and then get to focus on what matters most: what you have to say.

Speaking of what you have to say, which awesome PowerPoint template is your favorite? Do you have a go-to that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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