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How To Create A Custom Facebook Cover Photo With PowerPoint

by Adam Noar

facebook cover photo

Have you ever noticed how Facebook posts are becoming more and more visual?

That’s because brands are quickly realizing that the more visual a status update is, the more comments, likes, and shares that post will likely receive.

Why is this?

The reason is that people are highly visual creatures.

In fact, people are so image focused that vision overrides all of the other senses.

Want proof?

Research shows that the online world is clearly trending towards things that are image based:

* On Facebook, videos are shared 12X more than links and text posts combined.

* On Facebook, photos are liked 2X more than text updates.

* On YouTube, 100 million users are taking a social action on videos every week.

So what does this mean for you?

This means that you should be looking to include interesting images in your posts whenever possible.

While anyone can easily upload a photo to Facebook, there is an easy and inexpensive way to create eye-catching graphics and image enhancements to make your Facebook posts even better. All you need to get started is PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is great for quick image or graphic creation because you can easily copy and paste photos, add text, create shapes, and then group it all together and save it as a picture.

In the video below, I’m going to show you a fast and easy way you can use PowerPoint to create a custom cover photo for your Facebook page.

Remember, you can create these custom images (like the one in the video) for both your cover photos and regular status updates.

Also, if you are looking to take your Facebook marketing skills to the next level, I highly recommend that you grab a copy of FBInfluence. I actually discovered this tip of creating customized branding graphics for Facebook from the FBInfluence program.

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What I talked about in this post is just a TINY FRACTION of what is covered in this comprehensive guide.

CLICK HERE to go to the FBInfluence website and get your copy now. I was simply blown away by all the insider secrets revealed in this program, and I am sure that you will be too.

Here’s my final question for you …

After reading this post, do you plan on creating some PowerPoint enhanced images or graphics for your Facebook cover photo updates? If you do, share them in the comments below.

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    What was the name of the font that you used in the graphic?




    This was so very helpful!!! You explained it in simple terms for beginners like me :) I am going to be updating my cover photo to include some personal branding right away.




    How do you size it properly to meet the dimension requirements of facebook cover photos? Thanks


      Adam Noar


      Hi Selena,

      Facebook banners are 851 x 315 pixels. So, first save your PowerPoint image as a PNG or JPEG and then open up the new image in the image editor of your choice and resize the image to 851 x 315 pixels.