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How to Make a Boring PowerPoint Presentation Interesting

by Adam Noar

10 ways to fix your boring powerpoint - powerpoint design ideas

Presentations filled with boring bullet points never gets people excited.

In fact, they do the opposite. They put people to sleep.

There are many ways to make a boring PowerPoint presentation interesting. Today we’re going to share 10 engaging presentation ideas that will give you some design inspiration for your next project.

Let’s get started!

Idea #1.) The Icon Method – icons help bring boring text to life

powerpoint design ideas to fix a boring presentation

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

When you’ve got a slide filled with nothing but boring text, icons can do wonders.

Presentation icons do a great job of grabbing people’s attention and breaking up your text into a more digestible format.

There are many ways to display icons. The slide example above shows how to lay them out vertically with a few descriptive words next to each icon.

When working with icons the key is making them look consistent. Notice how all of the icons in the example above look like they were created by the same designer. They actually belong to a presentation icon set which can be found here.

Idea #2.) The Image Method – images help people quickly understand 

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use images

Presentation slide example by Startup X PowerPoint Presentation Template

Like icons, images allow an audience to immediately associate an idea with the text.

As seen in the slide example above, an easy way to insert images is to place them horizontally with a little bit of text below each image. Doing this will make it easy for your audience to scan your information. It also makes your content much more memorable.

For extra credit, you may want to consider a combination of text and icons (like the example below).

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a combination of icons and images

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

Idea #3.) The Path Method – when you’re presenting direction and flow

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a journey slide to present linear information

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you’re dealing with information that goes in sequential order don’t throw a bunch of bullet points on the slide. Instead, you should consider displaying things on a journey type of layout (like the above example).

A clear path will help guide your audience to form associations and inferences from direction and flow.

Ideae #4.) The Circular Graphic Method – when you want to show parts of a whole

how to fix your boring powerpoint - use a cicular chart to represent ideas of a whol

Presentation slide example by HappyBiz Multipurpose Business Template

A circular SmartArt type graphic is another excellent tool for laying out bullets, especially if the content forms parts of a whole idea or works together cyclically.

This layout allows for plenty of active white space on the slide, which increases its’ consistency and readability.

If there are many parts of a whole you may want to animate them so that they appear one at a time. This will help your audience from getting overwhelmed and can help them follow along as you talk about each part.

Again, if you’re going to insert icons or images into the graphic, like the ones seen in the above slide example, make sure to keep them all consistent.

Wondering how you can create a smart looking graphic like the one seen above?

PowerPoint has built-in SmartArt feature with different types of professional graphics. These illustrations combine shape, line and text placeholders allowing presenters to show interdependencies of processes visually rather than through bullet points.

There are two ways to apply this PowerPoint hack. The first is to go to the Insert tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon, choose a SmartArt you like and paste your content in the placeholders. The second and easier way is to copy all the text, right click, select the Convert to SmartArt option (see screenshot below) and choose the graphic you like.

If all that sounds too much, simply head over to Graphic River and purchase a premade professional presentation template (like any of the slide examples seen in this article). It will save you tons of time and your slides are guaranteed to look great.

Idea #5.) The Random Method – when you want to display text without order 

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use random callouts to present feedback

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

If it doesn’t matter what order the bulleted information needs to be in, why not have some fun with it?!

“Chunking” your bullets into shorter width blurbs makes them easier to read. Then spread the chunks out throughout the slide to make the slide fun and exciting.

This is a great way to show feedback in in the form of testimonials (as seen in the example slide above)

Idea #6.) The Grid Method – for breaking up text within a nicely structured format

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a structured grid of images and shapes

Presentation slide example by Motagua PowerPoint Presentation Template

When you’re dealing with a somewhat text heavy slide and are having a difficult time reducing the wording consider a grid using some simple shapes (like seen in the slide example above). Choose the square shape from the Shapes menu, duplicate it several times to complete your layout, and then apply some contrasting colors to give the slide some pop.

Then, simply place a little bit of text inside the various shapes. As you can see, there is plenty of space within each shape to fit your text.

Do ensure that you have some breathing space in each grid. One way to do this is to alternate each shape with an image (like in the example above). The added visuals will also give the slide more impact and make it more memorable.

Idea #7.) The Shape Method – a great way to make text stand out

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use shapes to break up text

Presentation slide example by Marketofy PowerPoint Presentation Template

This presentation design style requires little to no visual element at all.

All you need to do is insert some shapes (with strong color contrast to the background) that will serve as visual element in themselves.

Notice the slide example above which places the content within four rectangular shapes (with a pointed end).

As you can see in the above example, the strong contrast of the colored shapes against the white background looks great, and not a word was sacrificed in the process.

Idea #8.) The Central Image Method – using one visual to summarize the main idea 

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a central image to highlight the message of the slide

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

Another great way to fix a boring PowerPoint slide is by having one visual element that summarizes the main idea of the slide.

You can divide the slide into title and text sections with a strong contrast. You may choose any image. However, we recommend using an that fills the entire second half of the slide (as seen in the example above) for maximum design impact.

Idea #9.) The Split Method – a great way to spread out text within a timeline

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - split bullets on top and bottom

Presentation slide example by Startup X PowerPoint Presentation Template

Much like a timeline, you can draw a straight line in the center of the slide and split the bullet points between the top and bottom side of the line. This simple design is easy on the audiences’ eye and looks professional at the same time. Notice how each piece of text in the example above has plenty of white space to breathe.

Idea #10.) The Semi Circle Method – a nice way to present different components to your audience

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a semi-circle layout to present ideas

Presentation slide example by Influencer PowerPoint Presentation Template

Semicircles or half circles look as powerful, if not more, as complete circles. They are perfect to present the different segments of your audience, departments, services, etc. Creating a semicircle in PowerPoint is not tough, dividing it into segments and giving a different color to each segment gets a bit finicky but I know you’re up for the challenge :D

how to fix a boring powerpoint presentation - use a semicircle to present parts of a whole

Presentation slide example by Startup X PowerPoint Presentation Template


Effective presentation design is all about making your design compliment your content.

Sure, you could skip all the design and simply insert a line of bullet points. But we all know that looks incredibly boring and won’t help you excite your audience.

Remember, the trick to transforming a page full of boring bullets to think visually.

So, here’s my question to you:

After reading this article, which of these PowerPoint design ideas are you excited to try the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lastly, do you have a friend that could benefit from learning about how to make a boring presentation interesting? If so, email them the link to this post.

Thanks for reading and be sure to share this article if you enjoyed it (by using the sharing buttons to the left).

best powerpoint presentation template - influencer presentation template on graphic river

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    Larry Kaye


    Adam, your blogs are consistently superb. I’m going to tweet about this latest one! Thanks for providing such great content. -Larry Kaye, President, The Winning Litigator, LLC. http://www.winninglitigator.com


      Presentation Panda


      Thanks for the feedback and sharing our content Larry! Glad you enjoyed it. Let us know how we can help in the future.


    Linda Fredrick


    Excellent piece Adam. Blah presentations ruin even the most exciting information- these tips will astound and deliver! I look forward to trying a few of the tips out, I think I’ll start with 8 & 9.


      Presentation Panda


      Glad you found it insightful Linda. Let us know how things work out after you’ve tried them!


        Linda Fredrick


        Will do! I have a new presentation coming up in September so this is very timely.


    Narcissa Smith


    Very interesting and insightful piece Adam. I had tried point 8 and 10 before. Look forward to using #4, #6 and #9.


      Presentation Panda


      Awesome Narcissa. Let us know everything goes!

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