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The Best SlideShare Cover Slides of 2016 (Use These PowerPoint Title Slide Examples For Inspiration!)

by Adam Noar


SlideShare is a great place to find awesome looking PowerPoint title slide inspiration.

Let’s face it:

PowerPoint cover slides (also known as title slides) can be tricky.

They are the first impression to your audience, they set the tone for the rest of the presentation, and they have to be easy to read and understand while still conveying your message in a fun and interesting way.

Phew. No pressure, right?

Luckily for you, we scoured SlideShare and came up with our Top 10 PowerPoint title slide picks for 2016. There are a few things we like to keep in mind when looking for a good cover slide:

The images have to be unique. The colors have to contrast well, and the fonts have to contrast while also making sense next to each other (we also love the rule of threes for fonts). We love vector graphics and icons, and an energetic slide that packs a punch. It’s a lot to keep in mind, but a lot of times, when you see a great slide you’ll just know.

So without further ado, here are our top 10 SlideShare cover slide picks for 2016:

SlideShare Cover Slide #1 – Ride the Money – a vibrant title slide that grabs your attention


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of High Spark

This PowerPoint title slide example has a couple of great signals right off the bat – it’s bright and bold, the animation is fun, and it’s pretty clear what it’s going to be about: the money.

The orange is an excellent modern color choice that is attention getting and screams “young professional”. The animation is fun, simple, and brings ton of energy to the slide – it naturally brings your eyes to the left, and then draws them across the page to the rest of the text.

Speaking of the text, it is well balanced, easy to read, and it has a nice mixture of fonts. The “5” is nice and big, and the next most important thing takes up about a third of the slide in a dark contrasting color. It is super clear about the benefits being offered, while still keeping up the fun tone of the slide.

SlideShare Cover Slide #2 – Use the Force – a techy geek’s dream slide


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Empowered Presentations

If you want fun and nostalgic, this slide hits both of those nails right on the head. Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Every geek will be on your side from the get-go (except maybe the die-hard Star Trek fans, but is there ever any pleasing them?)

Nostalgia aside, this is still a great slide choice. If you can boil down your title and subtitle to a very clear and short message – preferably the way it is on the slide, with two words for the title and just a few for the subtitle – you’ll be in business.

The scrolling images (using perspective) on the bottom are a great touch, too. If your presentation is image-focused, this can be a really cool way to preview some of the best ones.

Finally, we love the contrast between the star background and the yellow and white text. Star Wars really got this right – it’s fun and easy to read, while still being impactful and effective.

SlideShare Cover Slide #3 – Mad Men – 90% professional 10% fun


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of High Spark

This one is about 90% professional and 10% silly, which is a great balance to hit. The guy on the right doesn’t just tie the colors in together, he’s looking at your cover slide choice and saying, “excellent,” – just like us! His eyes also naturally draw the audiences eyes back to your title every time they look over at him, so it keeps them engaged.

We also love the color combination on this one. Remember the orange we mentioned earlier? It is also well-served as a pop of color on grey, the way this one highlights. Even better, it’s contrasted with two different shades of blue, which are directly across the color wheel.

The fonts are great as well. The important stuff is large and easy to read, with just slightly varying thickness. The follow-up – “how to win the next one” – is a bit smaller, but still easy to read, and gives the slide just a bit more style.

Overall, this ppt cover slide is a great choice to inject a little fun into your presentation from the get-go.

SlideShare Cover Slide #4 – Superhero Chic – a sleek title slide for your inner superhero


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Fabernovel

The longer you look, the cooler this SlideShare cover slide gets! It’s got echoes of a lot of different superheroes – a little Iron Man, a little Captain America, a little Stretch Armstrong if you want to go way back. None of them are clearly specific superheroes, but still manages to give the slide that vibe, which is perfect.

Besides the superhero touch, the graphic is just really cool to look at. It has got the benefit of being essentially a circle in the middle of the slide, which will easily keep your audience focused and centered on the slide. The silhouettes are able to subtly disrupt the circle, but in a good way – it keeps up the interest and makes it more dynamic.

Of course, one of our favorite aspects is the minimalist palette – it is remarkable what a beautiful image you can create from just different shades of grey (no not that kind). There is dimension, interest, and lots of contrast for essentially just black and white. It gets an A from us!

SlideShare Cover Slide #5 – Retro Futuristic – a simple and bold combination that gets the job done 


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Officevibe

This PowerPoint title slide is giving off some really cool vibes. The clean lines are almost futuristic, where the color palette and graphics are more retro – and we love it! The colors are not quite pastel, so they are still vibrant, but they are able to blend a bit better than true bright jewel tones. It is far from bland, though – that pink background packs quite a punch! The blues and yellows are the perfect accent colors, as they are in the same family but a bit toned down.

The graphics themselves are pretty cute, too, and perfect for any type of office presentation – the pens on either side of “in 2016” are a great touch.

This is also the ideal slide for an impactful title – the font is powerful, easy to read, and in your face all at the same time. The yellow highlight on one line increases interest and throws it just a little off balance in just the right way.

SlideShare Cover Slide #6 – Be a little Grim – playful while still getting the message across


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Officevibe

What has not to love about this adorable grim reaper (never thought those words would be strung together did you?) chasing this little work zombie? If it does not make you reevaluate your life choices and quit your job, use it as your cover slide!

Jokes aside, this has just the right balance of cartoonish-silliness while still getting the message across – it was a risk, but it worked and we love it.

The fonts are also great. The thick, bold, capital font is clear and easy to read with the white contrast on blue, with some nice yellow cursive as accents on the top and bottom to tie it all together.

And have you noticed the semi-hidden transparent overlay? It is pretty subtle, but it is kind of like a hidden gem for anyone who looks long enough. If you have a life-or-death type of topic, this is definitely the cover slide you want to go with.

SlideShare Cover Slide #7 – Super Storyteller – a clever combo of bold graphics and fonts


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of High Spark

Can you tell we have kind of a crush on the superhero aesthetic? It is really making a comeback with all the superhero movies, while still retaining the nerd-appeal, and this one keeps a bit of the vintage look too. It kind of feels like a movie poster, and who doesn’t want to pay attention to a presentation that is as exciting as a superhero movie?

There is so much energy in this slide, with Superman ripping off his suit, his cape flying in the wind, and the electric bolts radiating outward from his body. And again with the orange! The oranges and blues are a very trendy and modern look right now.

Another thing we love is the two lines of text on the bottom, with one big impact word at the end. The font is simple with a little twist on the accent word, and ties in the orange nicely while still being contrasted enough to read easily. Up, up, and away!

SlideShare Cover Slide #8 – Office Space – office vectors floating in space never looked so zen


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Officevibe

This title slide from SlideShare has a really unique contrast between the hyper-realistic space scene in the background and the minimalist illustrations in the foreground, and we are really digging it! The purple clouds and bright stars give the slide a ton of depth, while still allowing the drawing and text to pop in front. The white is bright and clear, and the light blue is an excellent contrasting accent color.

In addition to that, the text is really well balanced. The heavier, bolder words find a nice home in the center of the slide, while the more delicate cursive writing balances out the illustration above.

The illustration itself is also really well composed, with unique items scattered across the desk that all add to the composition in their own way. The cactus, the varied books, and the cup of coffee – it really feels like a personalized little desk, instead of a static icon. Go forth, space cadet.

SlideShare Cover Slide #9 – Brain Games – a powerful slide that leads you wanting more


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Yang Ao Wei

Do not play mind games with your audience – give them this cover slide! This is a fun one (and an easy choice) for any sort of medical-related topic, but as you can see from the title, it does not have to be. It can also be anything related to thinking outside the box, thought patterns, human behavior, and much more – it is easy to get creative with it. No matter what you use it for, it is a unique one that is sure to wow your audience.

The look of this slide is very distinctive. We love the blue-hue x-ray image of the head overlaid on the computer text and graphics – it really completes the tech vibe that this one is giving up.

The font choice is excellent as well – it is loud and bold, with fun accent-colored words and a lot of personality. To balance it out, it also has a small subtitle area in the accent color, if you think your title needs some elaboration. With the large head on the right, and the large font on the upper left, it is the perfect touch to round out this cover slide.

SlideShare Cover Slide #10 – Rock Out – a bold retro looking slide that will make your audience feel like dancing


PowerPoint title slide courtesy of Empowered Presentations

How could we not end with the one, the only, rock legend Prince?

In all seriousness, this slide has a lot of features we really like. First, of course, is the great shot of prince in the background, in a nice purple tone. It sets the stage for a really nice title overlay, which this one more than accomplishes.

There are a couple of things we love about this text choice: first, the font is awesome. Nice and simple for the large font, and a little more fun for the smaller contrasting font, with a smaller subtitle font that is very similar to the main font. That is the kind of grouping of three different fonts we like to see. Second, it is slightly transparent. You do not see that too often with fonts, because it can mess with the contrast and just make it look messy or hard to read, but this one is beautiful. It is just transparent enough that you can see Prince’s face through it, but not so much that it runs into any of the problems mentioned above.

Finally, the staggered dotted lines are the type of attention to detail that makes a great cover slide. They are not symmetrical, which creates interest and energy in the slide, but they blend in enough that they do not detract from the main components, they only add to them. Unique and tough to pull off features done fantastically – did you really expect any less from Prince?


So, how did we do? Do you love the same types of things we do in slides, or are there things we missed? We would love to hear from you in the comments – feel free to share your favorite go-to PowerPoint cover slide that wows your audience every time!

Also, do you have a friend that is currently creating a new presentation and could benefit from learning about these cool looking PowerPoint cover slides? If so, send them a link to this blog post right now. I’m sure, they will return the favor to you one day!

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