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Your Presentation Starts Before You Take The Stage

by Adam Noar

Your presentation doesn’t begin when you enter the conference room; it begins the moment you have committed to present.

One of the things I talk about in my eBook, Slides Made Simple, is the idea of CREATING EMOTION among your audience by designing your slides in a dynamic way.

However, what I didn’t mention in the book is that you should really be starting this emotional engagement process much earlier on. 

Presentation tip: Consider sending a teaser email to your audience …

One of the things that I make sure to do before a presentation is to send a “teaser” email to all the presentation attendees, which lists some of the key insights that I plan to present. Keep in mind that this is not a detailed agenda of all the things you will be talking about. That would actually spoil much of the surprise that you want to save for the presentation! Rather, this teaser is a few short and creative blurbs that are intended to get your audience EXCITED before you start going through your deck.

A few pointers about your presentation teaser email:

#1)  It must intrigue your audience and have some mystery about it. Don’t reveal all the specifics of your presentation, as the goal is to build interest before you come to present. Think of it similar to an appetizer; a taste of things to come!

#2)  Keep your message brief and to the point. Less is more with the teaser email, so limit the message to between 100 and 150 words.

What do you think? What challenges or successes have you seen with trying to engage your audience before you present? Send me your thoughts!

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    Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.


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    Nice idea.

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