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20 Presentation Tools That Will Make Your Presentations Amazing

Presentation Tips - 20 Presentation Tools You Need Right Now

Presentation tools can make designing your presentations so much easier … and so much more fun!

Let’s face it, creative presentations can sometimes be struggle.  That’s why I’ve composed a list of 20 presentation tools that you need to add to your presentation arsenal right away.

The following gadgets and apps have become INDISPENSABLE to my slide creation & delivery.


6 Presentation Tips To Become A Powerful Storyteller

Storyteller - how to tell a story

Being a good storyteller is extremely important when it comes to giving presentations.

Whether it’s a movie, a good book, or simply one of our friends is explaining something … EVERYONE gets touched by stories.

But why do we feel so much more engaged when we hear information in the form of a story vs. bullet points about facts and figures?


Create And Share Live Presentations Across All Devices With Swipe’s Presentation Software

Introducing Swipe - The Free Presentation Software That Lets You Create & Share Across Multiple Devices

Presentation software companies are popping up everywhere these days as potential PowerPoint alternatives, including Prezi, Haiku Deck, and Google Presentations to name a few.

One in particular that is making headlines at the moment is a new presentation software company called Swipe, which is a free presentation tool that let’s you create and share LIVE presentations with anyone on any device.


New Windows “Office Remote App” – Lets You Control Your PowerPoint Presentations From Your Phone

PowerPoint Tips - presentation tools - presentation skills

There are many presentation tools out there, but here is one that could actually make your life much easier.

Last week, Microsoft’s Research Group announced the launch of the Office Remote app for Windows Phone.

If you have a Windows Phone you can download this new app today straight from the Windows Phone app store, and the accompanying desktop add-in from the Microsoft Download Center.


How To Make PowerPoint Look Like Prezi

PowerPoint Tips - prezi vs. powerpoint

While PowerPoint still holds approximately 95% of the presentation software market, some people prefer using Prezi due to its unique “zoom feature”, that moves the audience back and forth between a high level overview and specific individual slides (as seen in the video example below).