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How To Design An Amazing Webinar Presentation

Webinars are popping up everywhere.

Presentation webinars can be a really powerful tool for engaging clients on a one-to-one basis, regardless of the size of the audience.

Here’s how to design a webinar that will grab your audience by the eyeballs and keep them glued to your presentation, so you can motivate them to take action on your products or services.

First things first …

Put Together Some Killer Content

The most important key to your webinars (or any presentation for that matter) success is making sure that you develop some interesting, engaging, and educational content.

If your material sucks, or doesn’t provide fresh insights, your audience will tune out and probably sign off immediately.

After all, your audience is essentially “invisible”. Therefore, they don’t feel ANY guilt a face-to-face audience member might feel for tuning out or exiting your presentation altogether.

Here’s a few things to consider when developing your webinar content:

  • Make sure to give several tips or secrets that the audience would not normally find elsewhere.
  • Choose topics that are very specific; for example, “5 steps for picking the perfect colors for your next presentation,” not “How to create a presentation.”
  • Carefully plan your content well ahead of time.
  • Start with your most important content to spark interest and prevent loosing your audience early on.

Hook Your Audience Early

Start your webinar with a compelling point, a fascinating revelation, or a powerful demonstration of your product or ability.  This “hook” will draw your audience in, so when you introduce yourself they’re sure to listen.

Although it may seem logical to begin by introducing yourself, your company, etc., your audience needs to have a reason to listen to you BEFORE they’ll be interested in your name or position.

A strong question that begs to be answered or a hard-hitting fact will command attention and pave the way for an effective presentation. For example, “Today I am going to show you the top 10 reasons why 90% of presentations fail miserably.”

Provide Some Structure

Keep in mind that your webinar audience gets easily distracted.

Emails pop up, phone calls come through, and visitors stop by. Therefore, you need to make sure you define your objectives and provide a clear structure that lets your audience understand where you are in the presentation.

Presentation Tips -  Provide Structure

Direct Your Audience

With face-to-face presentations, you have the ability to use your hands or laser pointers to show people exactly what


PowerPoint vs. Prezi | What’s The Difference?

prezi vs. powerpoint

So, you need to put together an exciting presentation and are trying to decide between the traditional Microsoft PowerPoint, and Prezi, the newer, non-linear software tool.

Which software should you use for the job? Which presentation tool works better to motivate an audience to take action?

While each program has its benefits, both have come under criticism at some point.

In this post I’m going to break down both tools and discuss the pros and cons of each. Then, it’s up to you to decide which is best for your particular project.


Your Presentation Starts Before You Take The Stage

Your presentation doesn’t begin when you enter the conference room; it begins the moment you have committed to present.

One of the things I talk about in my eBook, Slides Made Simple, is the idea of CREATING EMOTION among your audience by designing your slides in a dynamic way.

However, what I didn’t mention in the book is that you should really be starting this emotional engagement process much earlier on.