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12 Presentation Tips For Designing Smarter Not Harder

presentation tips - design faster and better

Have you ever had an amazing experience, start to finish, with designing a presentation?

My guess is probably not, but certainly you’ve had projects that felt right and others that went nowhere — like that 115th revision to a presentation design.

Here is a list of 15 things you might find helpful when dealing with a complex presentation project. 


The Importance Of Emotional Presentations

presentation tips, powerpoint tips, emotional presentationsEmotional presentations are ones that stand out and get remembered.

We want what we do with presentations to be thought of as remarkable and worthy of continued discussion.

Simply put, we want our audience to commit to a relationship with us.

But to achieve this, we need to show them value, trust, and possibly most importantly, create an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with them.


How Tim Ferriss Structures His PowerPoint Presentations (And Five Other Useful Public Speaking Tips)

public speaking tips - presentation tips - tim ferris

Do you ever struggle with organizing your PowerPoint presentations, or get intimidated by public speaking?

If you answered YES to either of those questions make sure you read this entire article.

In this post I’m going to showcase how serial entrepreneur Tim Ferris prepares for his public speaking events using his EXTREMELY SIMPLE presentation structure.


7 Presentation Design Trends You Need To Know About

presentation tips - presentation design trends

Similar to websites, presentation design trends change over time and are influenced by a number of different factors.

The following is a list seven trends I expect to see in the year ahead and what you can look forward to in the presentation design world.


10 Presentation Tips To Improve Your Credibility (And Close The Deal)

10 Presentation Tips For Enhancing Credibility

There are often times when you need to give a presentation to an audience whom you have never met before.

Perhaps it’s an important sales pitch to a potential client? Or maybe it’s to a group of investors that are looking to hear more about your next great business idea.

In these situations you need to establish credibility in order to let your audience know that you are the REAL DEAL.