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How To Write Engaging Content For Your Slides (15 Simple Presentation Tips)

presentation tips - writing tips for effective presentations

Great presentations have two key elements …

1)    Good design


2)    Powerful content

Over the last few months I’ve shared lots of presentation tips on how to handle the “design” part by showing you how to create awesome PowerPoint images, and also where to find good stock images, and presentation templates.

In this post I’m going to be focusing on the “content” piece by sharing 15 writing tips that will help you choose the RIGHT WORDS for each slide.


Twitter IPO Presentation Review

Presentation tips, best powerpoint presentation, powerpoint design

In case you didn’t know, Twitter just went public.

In doing so they sold 70 million shares, and raised $1.82 billion dollars.

Not too shabby of an IPO!

Launched only in 2006, Twitter draws 230 million monthly users around the world, making it the second-largest network after Facebook. Its signature 140-character per tweet platform has become universally known as a place where everyone can communicate.


“I Think …” vs. “I Feel…” ? Which Is More Persuasive For Presentations?

I recently read an article from one of my favorite internet marketing influencers, Derek Halpern, who is the founder of socialtriggers.com – a website that explores psychological research behind what makes people “tick.” If you’re not already subscribed to Derek’s free newsletter I highly recommend you join.

Within the article, a really interesting question was raised:

Which word is more persuasive?

“I Think” (i.e. I think you should consider investing in my product)


“I Feel” (i.e. I feel you should consider investing in my product)

This is a really important question for presenters to consider, since we know that presentations are all about persuading an audience to take action on your message.

From first glance, you might think that the difference between the two words is TOO minimal to matter. However, the article goes on to share some of the research findings around the question, and shows that, depending on the audience, using one word versus the other DOES have a significant impact.

word choice has influence when it comes to presentations

Yes, knowing whether you should use “I think” or “I feel” CAN give you some extra persuasive boost, when you need it for your presentation.