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Wireframe Your Next Website With PowerPoint

If you’re creating a new website, it’s always smart to begin with a wireframe.

Wireframes are useful because they instruct your web designers on how to design your website without getting wrapped up in the details of color and other design elements, too early on. Wireframes help everyone get on the “same page” and come to a general agreement on the basic layout of your page, including things like: navigation menus, footers, content areas, headers, and logo placements. The main goal is to get the layout NAILED, so you don’t have to make major layout changes when the design details are getting put in place.

Synchronizing your web designers can be a difficult process because most people know what they want “when they see it”, and seeing it is expensive. It’s sort of like building a hundred houses in order to find the one that your spouse likes; not a practical effort.

While some people use online software tools (i.e., MockFlow, Axure, or Balsamiq Mockups) to build their website wireframe, I much prefer to do the whole thing in PowerPoint.

Use PowerPoint to wireframe your website

Balsamiq Mockups Wireframe

Designing the wireframe in PowerPoint gives me much more control of how I want to lay things out, and also saves me time since I don’t need to learn an entirely new piece of software.