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10 Professional PowerPoint Templates That Will Cut Your Design Time in Half!

professional powerpoint templates - 10 templates that don't suck

Having a cool PowerPoint template is CRITICAL if you want to have slides that will WOW an audience.

There are many different slide templates available online. Unfortunately, a good majority of these templates suck!

A well-crafted PowerPoint template has to get a lot of things right—from the fonts used in the slides to the graphics and colors in the presentation—and it’s by no means an easy feat.

If you don’t have the time to create your own template, or simply don’t want to create your own template, I recommend visiting Graphic River to purchase a pre-designed template that you can later customize with your own content and images.

Graphic River is essentially a marketplace for all things graphic related (templates, vector graphics, icons, fonts, etc.) and they sell professional presentation templates that are created by top graphic designers around the world. There are lots of different styles to choose from (over 2,000 templates and counting). And don’t worry… these PowerPoint templates look NOTHING like the boring templates that come with PowerPoint. Most of the good templates run around $15-$20 and you can be rest assured about quality because all of the templates submitted have to meet the high standards set by the Graphic River team.

The benefits of purchasing a professional PowerPoint template from Graphic River include:

  • Save Time – With a purchased template you can focus more on honing your message and less on building a template framework.
  • Elegant Design – The templates are clean, minimal, and look professional.
  • Customizable – All the templates are easy to customize. Simply add your text and swap out any images/graphics you don’t want.
  • Customer Support – If you ever have any questions about the template you can leave a comment and the person who designed the template will get back to you fairly quickly.
  • Designed for PowerPoint – The templates are designed to be edited in PowerPoint. No additional software needed.
  • Animations Included – For many of the templates offered, there are custom animations built into the template. If you don’t want the animations you can always remove them.

Note: Some of the PowerPoint slide templates are nicer than others, so make sure that you shop around. You can sort the templates by a number of different categories including: date, author, category, rating, sales, and price.

To save you time, I have reviewed and HANDPICKED some of the best templates from the Graphic River website. When you’re done checking these out I would love to know which one you like best! Seriously, leave me a comment! :)

Let’s get started!

Note: If you like any of these professional presentation templates, you can click on the template’s image (or click the link that says “Download Here”) to be taken  directly to Graphic River to purchase the template. Many of the templates discussed are also available in Keynote (for Mac users).

“Six” PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint templates - six template

The Six template is one of the best sellers on Graphic River and has over 4,600 sales to date.

It’s pretty easy to see why people gravitate towards this template. It has a modern and professional look which can be used across many different industries. There are a total of 45 slides to choose from and the template comes in 4 different color themes (including a dark version and light version).

One of the nice things about the Six template is that it has plenty of sleek and uncluttered-looking diagrams and charts.

A few other important mentions:

  • The template comes in both 4:3 and 16:9 format (i.e., Normal and Widescreen Mode)
  • Available in both PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Uses Novecento and Cantarell fonts

Download Here

Probrand” PowerPoint Template

cool powerpoint templates

If you are looking for a clean and creative business presentation look no further than the Probrand template. Probrand features 58 slides and comes with 4 different color themes. I would say the best part about this template is that many of the slides have a strong “sleek factor” to them, which almost makes the slides come across as “edgy.” This type of template would go great with any technology related presentations.

A few other important mentions:

  • 16:9 format only
  • 4 different color themes
  • Available in both PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Uses Oswald font

Download Here

Influencer” PowerPoint Template

Best PowerPoint Template - Professional PowerPoint Template - Cool PowerPoint Template - Influencer Presentation Template.jpg

Our team of Panda’s felt a strong yearning to create our own MAGICAL template that could take your presentations to the next level.

So after many a day and night of diligent work, many cups of coffee, and a veritable landfill’s worth of trash bins overflowing with scrapped designs, we have finally developed a professional presentation template that truly rocks!

A lot of love and tender care went into making each and every slide and we developed 200 UNIQUE slides for you to pick and choose from!! The possibilities are endless!

Best PowerPoint Template - Cool Presentation Template - Influencer Template


There are so many awesome features with this template including tons of sleek graphics and images, a clickable (choose your own adventure) “prezi like” table of contents, sleek animations and transitions, parallax scrolling, over 500 modern icons, beyond beautiful layouts, and much much more!

We get excited just thinking about it!

Download Here

“Grid” PowerPoint Template

professional powerpoint templates

Grid is another best-selling template with over 2,000 downloads to date. It features 32 modern yet minimalist slides, which leaves the slides feeling clean and uncluttered. It has a simple color scheme (blue and white), but you can choose among 6 other color options. With the Grid template your information will be displayed in a straightforward manner. The template is also a bit more conservative. Therefore, if you know your audience leans on the conservative (i.e., less edgy) side this template might be a great fit.

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • There are custom animated pages included
  • Features a combination of Arial and Bebas Neue fonts (one of Presentation Panda’s favorite fonts)
  • Available in PowerPoint only

Download Here

“Motagua” PowerPoint Template

cool powerpoint templates - slide templates - montagua

Motagua is a sexy template that will enchant your audience with its clean and elegant design. Beyond its sleek looks, it’s easy to change colors and modify shapes, texts, and charts.

Motagua is a steal considering it provides over 400 unique and fresh slides! The presentation template has a “corporate” look to it, an excellent choice for marketing presentations. Lastly, it contains a large number of graphics, stock photography, and custom illustrations which makes it stand out from all the rest. Motagua has that “universal classiness” that fits well for all presentations.

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • 60 different color themes
  • Available in both PowerPoint and Keynote

Download Here

“Corporate” PowerPoint Template

professional powerpoint templates from graphic river

Corporate is a clean and modern looking template with plenty of ready to use vector graphics, infographics, charts, tables, diagrams, maps and more. Almost all of the graphics follow a “flat” design style, and few are 3D. There are 119 slides included so there is plenty to pick and choose from here!

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • 22 different color themes
  • Available in both PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Uses Roboto font

Download Here

“Retro” PowerPoint Template

presentation templates that are professional

The Retro presentation template may not have the “corporate” look that some of the other templates have, but it does have a certain uniqueness that makes it stand out. As the name suggests, all the slides have a “retro” look and feel, which puts a smile on many people’s faces. Who doesn’t love the retro look these days?!?

The Retro template comes with 21 slides, and all of them are extra easy to edit. This cool looking PowerPoint template might be exactly what you need to make a strong impression.

A few other important mentions:

Download Here

“Premium International” PowerPoint Template

cool PowerPoint template - Premium template

The Premium International template is nothing short of premium. It features 56 uniquely designed slides that were created with full vector objects to allow for easy recoloring and rebranding.

What’s notable about this template is that it includes a lot of graphics that are layered on top of stock images which gives it a clean and modern look. On top of that, all the charts and diagrams have a simple look to them which makes them easy to scan.

Lastly, if you need to show maps in your presentation, this template has plenty of them!

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • 7 different color themes
  • Available in PowerPoint only
  • The images in the presentation are not included (due to copyright restrictions)
  • Uses Helvetica Light font (already installed on most computers)

Download Here

“Business Plan” PowerPoint Template

slide templates - professional templates

Similar to the “Grid” PowerPoint template, the Business Plan template has a minimal look that will go well with all types of presentations. The slides are clean and simple looking, which allows it to be used in many different industries. For example, this presentation could be used for real estate market review as much as it could be used for education and training.

If you’re looking to make a strong professional impact, go with this PowerPoint template. It has a very clean, formal look that is perfect for your next big presentation.

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • 3 different color themes
  • Available in PowerPoint only
  • Uses Calibri (already installed on most computers) and Open Sans

Download Here

“Zero” PowerPoint Template

powerpoint templates that are cool

The Zero template features over 200 slides of handcrafted awesomeness.

It features a bold color scheme (6 colors) that allows you to present a data-heavy talk in a way that is colorful and interesting.

The template also features a nice combination of flat and 3D diagrams. I typically recommend staying away from 3D in presentations (especially for charts), but the occasional 3D diagram can stand out as long as the information within the diagram is easy to scan.

Note: When deciding between flat design or 3D design just make sure your slides look consistent. Too much switching back-and-forth between the two styles can be distracting.

A few other important mentions:

  • The template comes in both 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • There are 7 color themes to choose from
  • There are custom animated pages built into the template. If you don’t want the animations you can always remove them.
  • Uses Lato font

Download Here

“Ever” PowerPoint Template

Professional PowerPoint Templates - Ever Template

The Ever template packs a lot of color and unique looking illustrations to keep your audience entertained. This unique PowerPoint template features 200 slides which can be used across a wide range of businesses. Probably the coolest part about this PowerPoint template is the fact that many of the slides have been designed in a Prezi like format where the slide design continuously bleeds onto the next slide (creating a seamless transition to the next slide).

A few other important mentions:

  • 4:3 and 16:9 format
  • 60 different color themes
  • Available in both PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Uses Calibri Nevis Raleway and Source Sans Pro fonts

Download Here

professional powerpoint templates from graphic river


Most of the PowerPoint templates available on the internet are pretty lousy. Fortunately, there are some good resources available for finding good ones such as Graphic River.

If you really want to make your PowerPoint presentation stand out from all the rest, then a professionally designed PowerPoint Template from Graphic River is essential.

Furthermore, downloading a pre-designed PowerPoint template can SAVE YOU A DECENT AMOUNT OF TIME when designing your presentation.

I hope you’ve found these PowerPoint templates helpful in terms of understanding what a good template looks like. As mentioned earlier, all the templates here are available for download on the Graphic River website.

Regardless of whether you are going to download a pre-designed PowerPoint template or make your own keep in mind that your presentation’s design needs to be SIMPLE. In other words, the template should not distract the audience in any way. Here are three important things to keep in mind:

  • Consistency is key. Make sure all of your colors, fonts, font sizes, and graphical treatment stays consistent throughout the entire slide deck.
  • Delete or hide distracting elements that are not essential to the key point you are making on the slide.
  • Less is more. Enough said!

Here is my question for you …

Which of the templates mentioned in this post do you like the most?

Sound off in your comments below… And please remember to be specific as possible.

Also, do you have a friend that is currently creating a new presentation and could benefit from learning about these cool looking PowerPoint templates? If so, send them a link to this blog post right now. I’m sure, they will return the favor to you one day!

Finally, if you enjoyed reading this post, please remember to like and share using the sharing icons to the left.

Hungry for information on how to create awesome PowerPoint templates? Here are a few suggested posts:

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5 Tips For Designing A PowerPoint Template That Doesn’t Suck

Quality PowerPoint Template - Professional Presentation Template - Influencer Template

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Can Photo Filters Make Your PowerPoint Images Look Better? Yahoo’s Research Says ‘Yes’!

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your

Do you love the look that photo filters give Instagram photos? Photo filters have become the latest rage in photo sharing. If you haven’t already noticed, almost every smartphone photo app on the market today has some built-in filters that can transform the look and feel of your images. With photo filters you can easily convert a normal color image to monochrome or give it a vintage look.

The Results Are In! – Photo Filters Make a Difference

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your Images

New research indicates that filtered images garner the most attention on popular web platforms including Instagram and Flickr. According to a recent study by Yahoo Labs, “Filtered photos are 21 percent more likely to be viewed and 45 percent more likely to be commented on.” One of the questions these researchers explored is whether filtering photos changes how people like and comment on them on social media. Interestingly, they found that not all filters affect viewer engagement equally. Their study determined that filters creating a warmer color temperature are more engaging than those with cooler color effects.

Furthermore, the study found that self-described photography enthusiasts often look for filters that highlight salient objects in the photos and try to apply aesthetic effects, such as adding color saturation or making the photo look vintage. The main reasons to apply filters is to fix mistakes, expose certain objects, or manipulate certain colors. More casual photographers like to add artificial vintage effects to their photos and make them more playful and unique. Regardless of the motivation behind using filters, this study concludes that filtered photos  are more likely to result in viewership and community engagement.

Following Yahoo Labs’ findings one can argue that adding filter effects to your PowerPoint slide images can increase your audience’s engagement. Using photo filters is one way to help enhance the CONSISTENCY of your PowerPoint images. And as mentioned in previous posts, consistency is one of the golden rules to a successful and powerful PowerPoint design. By sticking to a consistent photo filter, you can take a set of random looking images and turn them into a more consistent set of images.

Pic Monkey (PowerPoint’s Trusted Friend)

One of my favorite tools to use to add nice photo filters to PowerPoint images is PicMonkey. This tool is a free photo editor that works directly in your web browser. Forget about having to download or install a new application.

PicMonkey makes it easy for you to fix your photos and add beautiful filters or text  (as seen in the example above). Beyond the awesome photo filters, PicMonkey let’s you touch up facial features and create nice looking graphics. Did I mention this tool is ridiculously simple? I can assure you that it will only take a matter of minutes for you to figure out how to use this tool.

Many of the PicMonkey photo filters are free. For additional filter selections, consider upgrading to a “Royale” membership for $4.99 a month. What’s really nice is that for a limited time anyone can try Royale for free for 30 days.

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your


Many would argue that photo filters enhance the look of any image. But why should social media have all the fun?! If people truly enjoy images with photo filters better then why not apply that knowledge to enhance the images in your presentations by using a photo editor?

While there are many photo editors on the web to choose from, I prefer to use the ones that are simple and intuitive, like PicMonkey. I strongly encourage you to play around with this tool and the many different photo filters.

Here’s my question for you…

After reading this post, do you think you will try applying photo filters to your PowerPoint images? Let me know what you think below and please try to be specific as possible.

Also, do you have a friend that could benefit from these PowerPoint tips. If so, email them the link to this post now using the sharing options below.

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How to Choose a Brilliant Background for your PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint design tips - How to create awesome backgrounds for presentations

A set of nice background images can really make your PowerPoint design come to life. These images help to draw attention and add interest to your presentation.

So what exactly is a background image? It’s basically any image the fills up the entire slide (like the one seen above). There are many different background styles available for presentations.

Background images are essential to good PowerPoint presentations and by understanding what makes a good background image you will significantly enhance your presentation’s design. When choosing a background image, it’s important to think about how the image will play nicely with other elements that you add to the slide such as text, fonts, and color.

In this post we are going to provide you with some important tips on how to choose great background images. We will also be talking about how to manipulate these images (if needed) so they work with other elements on your slide.

Let’s begin!

Look for Backgrounds with Plenty of Whitespace

PowerPoint design tips - How to create awesome backgrounds for presentations

In the world of presentation design, whitespace (i.e., dead space) is golden. If you have been following Presentation Panda for a while now you have probably heard me talk about whitespace quite a bit. Whitespace allows all the elements on a slide to “breathe” which is key to creating a good composition. Without whitespace your slides will most likely look cluttered and complex.

Backgrounds with plenty of whitespace allow the text to be read clearly while still providing plenty of visual interest. Images that have good use of “whitespace” are ideal for adding text to the image. When applying text into the whitespace of a background, make sure that you are going with the natural flow of the image. You never want to add text over important parts of an image, such as the main action in a photo or the product that you are trying to showcase.

Look for Blurred Areas 


Blurred (i.e., out of focus) areas of images are great places to place text, so keep an eye out for these blurry areas when searching for background images. As you can see in the image above, the trees in the background are blurred, which makes the words “look for” easy to read. If the trees were not blurred it would be more difficult to read that text.

Sometimes you will stumble upon a really nice background image for your presentation and then realize that adding text to the slide will make the slide look way too busy (i.e. unreadable). One solution is to apply your own blur to your chosen background image. This will allow your text to stand out instead of getting drowned in the details of the background. You can apply a blur to the entire image or to a particular part of the image. Just play around and see what looks best.

How do you blur an image? you might ask.

PowerPoint includes several “artistic effects” that you can use to edit your images. The “blur effect” softens an image to obscure it, blurring the picture strongly or weakly depending on the options you set. To apply a blur, click the “Format” tab on the ribbon and click “Artistic Effects” in the Adjust group to open a drop-down menu. Then, click “Artistic Effects Options” to open the Format Picture dialog box. Once that is opened, click on the “blur” effect to blur the image.

Note: You can increase or decrease the strength of the blur by clicking on “Artistic Effects Options” and then dragging the radius bar to the right or to the left .

Note: When you want to blur a background image and apply text, be sure to provide plenty of contrast. It helps if the text varies in color enough to be seen in combination with the background image. For example, if you have an image with a dark background, go for a light colored text (e.g., white) as pictured above. Conversely, if your photo has a light background, go with a dark colored text (as seen in the image above). If viewers have to strain their eyes to read anything, you’ve done something wrong.

Look for Natural Gradients (or Create your Own)

PowerPoint design tips - How to create awesome backgrounds for presentations

When searching for background images, keep an eye out for images with natural gradients. Images with natural gradients can be helpful because they create whitespace for your text and other elements.

What exactly is an image gradient? An image gradient is a directional change in the intensity or color in an image. As you can see from the example above the image starts out really bright in the upper right hand corner and gradually gets darker as you move toward the bottom left hand corner. As a result, any dark color text that you add to the upper right hand corner will be much easier to see than if you added the same text to the bottom left hand corner.

Alternatively, if you can’t find an image that has a natural gradient (like the one shown above), you can always create your own gradient effect.

In PowerPoint you can apply a gradient fill to shapes, text boxes, and SmartArt graphics. A gradient fill is a shape fill that gradually changes from one color to another across the surface of the shape. When customizing the gradient, you can adjust the transparency from zero to 100 percent  with zero percent being completely visible and 100 percent completely invisible.

Textures Make Great PowerPoint Backgrounds


A simple way to create a good looking PowerPoint background is by simply using a nice texture image. Textures make excellent backgrounds because they are less likely to distract the text on your slide. They are also a great way to give depth and originality to your PowerPoint designs and go hand in hand with vector-based graphics. Even better, there are thousands of free background textures available to download from the web with little fuss.

While there are many types of textures to choose from, a great place to find free textures for your slides is Texture King. Texture King offers a lot of interesting textures such as wood, concrete, and bark. Once you view this site, you’ll start to see countless possibilities in the ways these free background textures could be used in your PowerPoint slides.

Another great place for finding free background textures is Lost and Taken. This site provides a nice selection of textures to choose from and you have the choice of downloading individual textures one by one or downloading them all in a zip file at the bottom of the post (which can be a huge time saver).

Note: PowerPoint comes with some built in textures you can use. I would recommend staying away from these as you can find much better looking textures online.


Follow the techniques mentioned above and you will be better equipped at choosing and enhancing background images for your next PowerPoint presentations.

For best results, stick to the time-tested presentation design advice of “keeping things simple.” This means selecting background images with simple fonts and a straightforward image. Remember, your goal is to underline your message effectively by highlighting important parts of the image without any confusion or obstruction.

We hope that you have found these PowerPoint design tips helpful!

Here’s my question for you … Which of the above techniques are you most interested in trying out? Is there a particular technique that you use that wasn’t been mentioned above? Leave me a comment below!

Image Credits

Flickr – Ellen Van Deelen – Texture 69

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Essential PowerPoint Design Tips From GrubHub’s Investor Presentation


PowerPoint presentation design tips - GrubHub investor presentation

If you’re looking for fresh PowerPoint design ideas, study investor presentations.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) presentations are a great way to learn how to present information in a simple, engaging, and compelling format. When companies are looking to go public there is a LOT of money on the line and these companies spend considerable amounts of time and resources to make sure that their presentations will impress potential investors.

The best investor presentations are comprised of slides that are short, sweet and to the point while being highly supported by research, data, and defensible assumptions. A perfect example of a lucrative and famous IPO presentation is GrubHub, Inc. In 2014 GrubHub, an online food ordering company, filed for an IPO and raised a whopping $192 million in its first public offering. If you’re not familiar with GrubHub, they are the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company dedicated to connecting hungry diners with local takeout restaurants. The company’s online and mobile ordering platforms allow diners to order directly from approximately 35,000 takeout restaurants in more than 900 U.S. cities and London.

In this post we are going to highlight several PowerPoint design tips by focusing on some of the slides from GrubHub’s IPO presentation. So, keep reading in order to learn several valuable lessons that you can incorporate into your own presentations.

Let’s get started!

#1. Create A Captivating Cover Slide

powerpoint design tips - lessons from GrubHub's investor presentation

One of the easiest ways to attract the attention of investors, or any other audience, is to start with a visually appealing cover slide. This slide in Grubhub’s presentation deck is an example of a simple cover slide that includes a logo and a couple of screenshots of their mobile application. There is not too much text and there is plenty of whitespace on slide that allows the slide to breathe.

It’s worth pointing out that the visuals on the slide have a nice looking “cut-out” effect where it looks like the images have been cut out and then pasted onto the slide.

Beyond the visuals, note how the presentation designer did a nice job of marrying the colors of the logo (red and white) with the colors on the slide. One trick that designers often use in presentations is to leverage the color scheme as heavily as possible. You will see throughout the presentation that the red and white color scheme was nicely incorporated.

If you’re hungry for more visually appealing PowerPoint cover slide examples, click here.

#2. Show Don’t Tell

powerpoint investor presentation - lessons from GrubHub's investor presentation

Any good presentation designer knows that it’s best to limit the number of words on each slide. Sticking to just a few simple key words or phrases makes it easier for your audience to follow the presentation. GrubHub’s “mission” slide clearly implements this technique. Their mission statement, “To make takeout better” is brief, and to the point. It’s also free of any jargon, buzzwords, complexity and confusion.

Beyond the short title, note that there is very little text on the rest of the slide too. Instead of GrubHub explaining “what they do” through a lengthy paragraph (which many presentation novices do), they chose to visually show how GrubHub connects people to restaurants by using a combination of visuals and a few key words (hungry diners and restaurants). In case you were not aware, pictures are far more memorable than words. In fact, studies have shown that people will only remember 10 percent of information when the content is delivered verbally, compared to 65 percent retention when information was conveyed through visuals! For more information on the importance of visuals, click here.

Along with nice visuals, GrubHub’s logo is carefully placed in the top right corner and fits nicely into the unique looking red shape (at the top of the slide). Having a well designed PowerPoint template is CRITICAL if you want to have slides that will WOW an audience. Therefore, strive to create a template that incorporates colors that fit in with your company’s branding. As you can see in the slide above, the red and white colors within the logo fit harmoniously with the rest of the slide’s design.

Additionally, the font throughout the presentation is a simple Calibri font, which goes to show that fonts already included with PowerPoint can work well if they are used in the right way. However, if you are still not convinced that Calibri is suitable for your presentations, you can check out some various font trends here.

Lastly, this slide continues the “cut-out” effect that was displayed on the cover slide and it also includes a nice “crumpled paper texture” in the background which adds to the overall effect to the slide. Textures (paper, wood, etc.) can make great backgrounds for your slides. Just make sure that your text is legible if you use them. A good place to find textures for your slides is Texture King.

#3. Dress Up Your Numbers

powerpoint design tips - powerpoint investor presentation example

Numbers and charts don’t have to be boring.

Most presentations tend to have slides that are cluttered with data and other statistics only to result in confusing or distracting slides. Instead, I recommend choosing the data or numbers that mean the most to your audience. This slide in the GrubHub deck is an example of how data should be displayed on your presentation slide. They do a nice job of directing the viewers attention to the four important callouts that appear on the left of the slide, which are easy to scan and understand. On the right hand side of the slide, the charts look clean without any gridlines, legends, or other distracting elements.

On another note, did you notice the aesthetically pleasing “paper cutouts” behind the four callouts on the left? This simple addition makes the information easier on the eye when scanning the slide. Lastly, the font color of all the numbers and text match the color of the bar charts on the right. Everything from the color palette to the font choice flows nicely throughout the slide.

#4. Design For Easy Scanning

powerpoint design tips - investor presentation template

This slide in GrubHub’s deck is another example of combining limited text with clean looking images to help deliver the slide’s message. The slide almost looks like something you would see in an infographic. In case you didn’t know, people love infographics! Presenting information in an infographic style format can help your audience process complex or extensive information.

As mentioned earlier, people are highly visual in nature. Our ability to quickly interpret visual information is far greater than that of written words. By creating visualizations, using the combination of words and text, you can make complex information easier to understand.

The point of an infographic is to take complex information and make it easier to take in through graphical reinforcement. Your goal then is to create something that can be consumed as quickly as possible. Not every little scrap of information needs to be communicated in an instant, but the overall gist of the data should at least be perceivable in under a few seconds. This slide clearly accomplishes that objective.

Beyond the infographic style design, the presentation designer also does a good job of showing the references in a super small font at the bottom left corner of the slide. That way the audience remains focused on the slide’s key points instead of getting wrapped up in the details of the reference.

#5. Not All Bullets Are Bad

powerpoint design tips - investor presentation lessons from GrubHub

Bullet lists seem to be the foundation of many presentations. And while bullet lists aren’t necessarily bad, most users overuse and misuse them. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of PowerPoint can create a slide with bullet points. However, it takes a good presentation designer to use bullet points effectively. While many presentation designers will tell you to avoid bullet points at all costs, I believe you can use them if you use them minimally.

If you are going to use bullet points, make sure to limit both the number of bullets and the number of words per bullet. Otherwise, you run the risk of your presentation turning out dull, boring, and mind-numbing. As you can see in the above slide, the bullet points contain a max of three words. You can also see that there are only four bullets on the slide. By keeping the number of bullets to a minimum people can better remember what is being pointed out. The last thing you want to do is bore your audience with a long list of bullets. Doing so will most likely make them forget what you said in your presentation.

If you can get the number of bullets down to three that’s even better. You will see why in the next section below.

#6. Harness the Power of Three

powerpoint design tips - GrubHub IPO presentation - investor presentation tips

Did you know that presenting things in sets of three will make your presentation more interesting and memorable?

People can remember three pieces of information really well in short-term memory. If you add more than 3 items retention falls off considerably, and as more and more items are added to a list, the average person retains less and less. Four items are a bit harder to remember than three. Five items are even harder. Once the number of items on a list hits eight, most people have little chance of remembering the entire sequence.

As you can see from this “How it works” slide, GrubHub does a nice job of harnessing the power of three. By illustrating that all people have to do is “search, order, and eat” when using their product tells the world that their food ordering process is extremely simple. And we all know that people like things that are simple!

Steve Jobs was famous for using the Rule of Three in his presentations. For example, when he announced the second generation of iPads, he mentioned that they were “thinner, lighter, and faster” than the first. These three adjectives were highly effective and said everything the audience needed to know.

For some different examples of how you can harness the power of three in your presentations, click here.


GrubHub successfully created a clean, engaging, and organized IPO presentation. The simple messaging throughout the presentation made it easy for the audience to follow along and understand the key reasons why GrubHub is a great company to invest in.

Communicating your message with clarity is everything. With the limited amount of time allotted to present and captivate investors, presenting with passion, simplicity, and power is key! So next time you need to create a simple, engaging, and compelling presentation, pitch it like GrubHub.

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10 Tips For Combining Fonts In PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips | 10 Tips for Combing Fonts

You finally picked a cool font that’s perfect for your next PowerPoint presentation. Nice job, but don’t break out the champagne glasses just yet. For many presentations, one font is not enough to create visual interest and establish the information hierarchy. You need to learn how to combine several fonts that go well together.

Over the years we have seen plenty of font combinations within PowerPoint presentations. The more effective combinations usually rely on typographic guidelines. However, it is important to note that these guidelines are not scientific, rigid, or fail-safe. All of them can be broken.

Using several different fonts in the same PowerPoint presentation can get tricky at times. In fact, combining fonts is one of the most difficult parts of the presentation design process. When you’re pairing multiple fonts, you want to be sure that they work well together. If you have no idea where to begin, then this post will help. Simply follow the guidelines below.

01. Choose complementary fonts

A classic challenge for anyone creating a PowerPoint presentation is pairing fonts that complement each other instead of competing for attention. Similar to humans, fonts have different moods and personalities. And sometimes these moods and personalities can clash. For example, some fonts can be serious while others are playful, elegant or professional.

When picking the fonts for your slides, think about the purpose of your PowerPoint presentation. For example, a rounded and bubbly font may be appropriate if your creating a baby shower invitation, but not for your serious board meeting presentation. Mixing fonts’ moods or personalities can draw attention to the typography instead of the message, which could result in a poor presentation.

When your playing around with different fonts, make sure to keep things simple. In other words, don’t use too many fonts. Just as mixing in too many colors into your slides will likely result in a nauseating rainbow, mixing too many fonts on a page will probably result in a confusing message.

One question I get asked all the time is how many fonts should I use in my presentation?” I always tell people that this depends a lot on their aim and general presentation purpose, but usually I do not recommend more than three. This is because all fonts, like people, have a personality and an overall effect. If you use two fonts with total opposite effects, they will clash and this will kill your design. Too many strong personalities together can create an awkward atmosphere, it is the same with fonts.

The example below shows two fonts that complement each other.

PowerPoint Tips - Choose fonts that complement each other


Dribble – Jules Forest

02. Establish a visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important element in presentation design. It tells people where to look first and what is most important. There is no one-step solution to creating visual hierarchy. However, visual hierarchy can be achieved with size, weight, color, texture, orientation and space, or any combination of these tools.

Traditional printed media like newspapers and magazines offer good examples of how to apply a visual hierarchy to fonts. They combine fonts in way that visually separates different textual elements like headlines, sub-headlines, body copy, and captions.

When you’re picking fonts for your next PowerPoint presentation, simply think about what part of the slide you want your audience to pay attention to first. What keywords are essential? Then, make your font style, size, and arrangement choices accordingly. Generally, the most important textual element is the largest and the weightiest. As you can see from the example below, the words “Wattle & Daub” jump out at you by manipulating the font style, size, and colors of the text.

PowerPoint Tips - Font Tips - Create a visual heirarchy

Dribble – Anthony

03. Create contrast

For presentation design, font combinations based on contrast are better equipped to clearly establish hierarchy. Using contrasting typefaces makes it clear which text are headings and subheads and which are body copy. It’s also clear that you want to draw your reader’s attention first to the heads.

In the example below, a bold, chunky font  is paired with a small script font — and they work nicely together in large part because they are so different. The differences help create distinct roles for each font, allowing them to stand out as individual pieces of information.

PowerPoint Tips - Cool Fonts - Presentation Tips

Gerren Lamson and Simon Walker

04. Consider your audience 

Your audience should help you determine what fonts will work for your presentation.

In addition to size, font styles also affect readability. One way to choose fonts that fit the context of your presentation is to match the attributes of your intended message with the perceived traits of a typeface.

Part of the process will be deciding whether display typefaces or more neutral fonts (or some combination of the two) are most appropriate for your project. Sometimes you’ll want something that really pops (as seen in the example below), and other times the context will require a font that’s not distracting.

The example below obviously has fun care-free island theme, so the fonts have been chosen to reflect that mood/context.

Cuba Numbers_v5

Dribble – Chi Birmingham

05. Mix serifs and sans serifs

One of the most popular ways to combine fonts effectively is to pair a serif and a sans serif. This is a classic combination and it’s almost impossible to get wrong. Serif fonts have the small numbs on the ends of the different strokes of the letters. Sans serif fonts do not have these little nubs.

The key to pairing serif with sans serif is readability. Sans serif fonts are generally better for PowerPoint presentations because they are easy to scan. In contrast, serif fonts are traditionally used for printed media, such as newspapers or magazines.

In the example below, a sans serif font is paired with a serif font — and they work nicely together in large part because they are so different. The differences help create distinct roles for each font, allowing them to stand out as individual pieces of information.

Dribble Amy Hood New

Dribble – Amy Hood

 06. Avoid conflict

Achieving proper combining of fonts requires concord and contrast, and not conflict. The fonts need to work well together and share similar qualities. That way your pairings are most likely to look harmonious together. Conflicts between fonts happen when the fonts look too similar or too different.

As you can see in the example below, the two fonts displayed share the same weight, size and decoration. As a result they’ve become too alike. They’re performing very similar roles, but the small differences are conflicting which makes for an awkward overall effect.

PowerPoint Tips - Avoid Conflict


07. Avoid pairing fonts that are too similar

Choosing fonts that are too similar can become problematic. You’ll will most likely have trouble establishing a hierarchy, because the fonts aren’t visually distinguishable from each other.

In fact, font combinations that are too similar can often times look like a mistake—as if you’d been experimenting with different fonts and had forgotten to clean up after yourself. As with any good comedy duo, there needs to be a straight man. If you have a typeface with a strong, extroverted personality, try combining it with something neutral, reserved, and trustworthy.

Below is an example of two fonts that are too similar and should not be used together.

PowerPoint Tips - Combining fonts

08. Use fonts from the same family

This may sound like a contradiction of the last method, but another avenue to harmonious type combos is to stick with a single font family. Just be sure to choose a font family that comes in a variety of weights, styles, and widths. Extended typeface families with enough variation let you easily differentiate one level of hierarchy from the next, while at the same time assuring you that the shared DNA of the family members means they can sing in perfect harmony.

To pair fonts that come from the same family, plan carefully to create contrast, varying things like font size, weight (such as light, regular, and bold), and case (upper, lower, small caps).

One of the benefits of limiting your fonts for a presentation to one font family is that it creates a more consistent look.

Bonus Tip:

When combining fonts, a little insider knowledge can go a long way. Try combining fonts from the same font designer. Some fonts, like Museo and Museo Sans or Stone Serif and Stone Sans, were designed specifically for such a purpose, but even those that were not designed specifically as complements will likely have a similar aesthetic when they’re from the same hand.

PowerPoint Tips - Use fonts from the same family

Veneer Font Family by Yellow Design Studio

09. Limit your number of fonts

As mentioned before, it is generally wise to stick to only two or three fonts. However, there is no explicit rule that says you can’t use more. Do keep in mind that consistency and readability are essential to good PowerPoint design. Too many fonts can distract and confuse your audience. Make your font choices carefully and consider the overarching message of your presentation.

If your presentation requires the use of a variety of fonts, remember that the overall effect should be harmonious, not conflicting or cluttered. Below is an example of two fonts that pair very nicely with one another.

PowerPoint Tips - limit your number of fonts

Dribble – Justin Mezzell

 10. Experiment  

Effectively combining fonts is a skill best learned through practice, and trial and error. There’s no foolproof formula for finding the perfect font combination for your slides. Fonts have a strong influence on the look and tone of your presentation. So remember, choose fonts that accurately reflect your key message and theme.


I hope the above guidelines have provided some insight on how to best combine fonts for your PowerPoint presentations. If there’s one important rule you should take away from this it’s “You won’t know until you try!” So, be adventurous and play around with different fonts until you find a combination that works!

There are tons of free fonts available for download from places like Font Squirrel. As presentation designers we have an ever-growing repository of fonts available for use in our presentations. Consider the fundamentals, then experiment. You’ll undoubtedly be surprised by what you find.

Here’s my question for you …

What do you find most difficult about combing fonts in presentations? Sound off in your comments below!

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