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10 Tips For Selecting Images For Your Presentations

by Adam Noar

presentation tips - how to choose images for your presentations

Images have never been more important in the world of presentations. Since visuals are one of the most important factors of your presentation, you need to make sure you are CHOOSING or CREATING the right ones.

I’ve put together a list of 10 tips to help you select images and target your audience to create the PERFECT presentation.

1. Choose Simple And Bold Images

When you’re searching for images, don’t fall into the trap of choosing the first image you see that might work. Look at many images until you find the one that fits consistently with your message and your theme.

With the different sizes and types of images, it’s important to select images that will resonate. This means choosing simple and bold images. It’s also good to focus on one key element, rather than choosing an image that has too much going on.

presentation tips - bold picture

2. Search For Images Using Abstract Words

Using broad keywords, whether you have a specific image in mind or not, will help you with your image search. By using broad, abstract keywords, such as “fun,” “love,” or “freedom,” you can find images that convey emotion and relate to your message without being too literal.

A good place for stock images is Depositphotos. I recommend you look for images that depict real people, real emotions, and real events. Another great source for finding real photos is Flickr. Just make sure to give proper attribution when required.

presentation tips - emotional photo

3. Use Filters When Looking For Images

Utilize filters to narrow down what you are looking for and to find the right images. You can filter by size, color, type, and/or date. By using image search filters, you can easily filter specific images that you are looking for.


4. Select Powerful Images

When selecting images for your presentation, you want to choose images that will resonate or mean something to your audience. Not every image will resonate with every audience member. That’s why carefully choosing images is so important. If your audience is spread throughout different industries and across different interests, it may not make sense to try to reach everyone with the same message and image. Instead, use localized or interest-specific images to target a specific group of people.

 5. Select Hi-Res Images

It’s important to select images that are high resolution. Otherwise, your photos will come out blurry in your presentation. This is particularly problematic when you find a small image and try to make it larger by expanding it in PowerPoint.

You can find hi-res images on Depositphotos, Flickr, and Google Images.

6. Make Use Of “Whitespace”

Make sure to look for images that have good use of “whitespace” in case you want to add any text to the image. Also, good use of white space let’s your audience focus attention on key elements on your slides. Without whitespace your slides will most likely look cluttered and complex.

presentation tips - whitespace

7. Choose Consistent Images

When selecting an image for your presentation, don’t think about finding a single perfect image; think about creating a set of images that belong to the same presentation. As you incorporate the images into your presentation, there should be a consistent look and feel to the images that ties them together.

presentation tips - consistency

8. Use Images That Reflect Your Brand Personality

Every brand should have a personality. Some companies are serious, some are comedic, and others are quirky. Make sure you know what your brand personality is, then use images that convey those characteristics to your audience.

For example, if your brand is luxurious, like Louis Vuitton, you could opt for a black and white, sophisticated portrait.

But if you’re a brand like Ben & Jerry’s, you could choose fun and colorful images.

powerpoint tips - select images that fit with your brand

9. Tell A Cohesive Story

Avoid selecting images for your presentation just because they look good. Instead, choose images that will complement your message. Think outside the box and try to find images that tell a story on their own.

powerpoint tips - tell a cohesive story

10. Create Your Own Images

Sometimes you may search for hours and realize that you can’t find that specific image that you are looking for. Instead, you may want to actually create your own image by using basic shapes in PowerPoint. For more details on how to create your own images click here.

how to design your own images in powerpoint


When it comes to selecting images for your presentation, it’s vital to use the best images to engage your audience.

Here’s my question for you …

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