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8 Presentation Tips You Can Learn From Movies

by Adam Noar

presentation tips - lessons from movies

Did you know that watching movies can help you with your presentations?

Movies are the prime diversion of our time. We see so many films, from drama to action and horror to romance, but the ones we remember the most are the ones that TEACH US SOMETHING DIFFERENT. The same applies to presentations.

Below are 8 solid presentations tips that you can take away from movies.

Presentation Tip #1 – Your Story

Just as with movies, your goal should be to write a good story and tell it well. So, before planning your slides, take time to outline a great script.

A story demands imagination and reason. The two sides of the brain need to work together to create an engaging presentation.

The key to an engaging presentation is to avoid clichés while being relevant, and to engage the audience with real conflicts and strong protagonists (aka “the hero”) as you move from scene to scene to arrive at a climax.

presentation tips  - tell a great story

Presentation Tip #2 – Avoid Clichés

Similar to movies, a good presentation is about “what and “how” you say something. If your content is boiler plate, your presentation will be too.

Always prefer well-crafted light content to deep information poorly presented. Remember, no one wants to read or hear something they’ve read or heard a thousand times. Additionally, you might create an impression of lack of careful thought or laziness. Using clichés will not help your story stand out.

Presentation Tip #3– Be Relevant

Express as much as you can with the least number of slides. The most challenging task in designing a presentation is to make the following choices:

What to include?

What to leave out?

What comes before what?

What’s next?

You must create a story in such a way that it totally surprises your audience. If any of your messages are already known, REMOVE THEM.

Creativity means acting on the option to include or exclude something. What to include depends on your main message.

Presentation Tip #4 – Engage

Keep in mind that your audience wants meaning. That means you need to engage your audience. So, make sure to write and rewrite until you reach the perfect story. Perfect, that is, from the point of view of your audience.

Always ask yourself, “Why is this message in my presentation?” If the message would be meaningless to the audience, take it out.

presentation tips - engage your audience

Presentation Tip #5 – Conflict

Just as with movies, without conflict there is no story. So bring conflict to your presentation and, of course, resolve it within your story.

Do you really know the antagonistic forces of your main message? Are they internal or external forces?

presentation tips - introduce conflict

Presentation Tip #6 – Choose A Strong Protagonist

The greater the power of the antagonistic force, the greater the protagonists power should be. Each presentation has a protagonist.

Each protagonist must persuade and achieve his/her objective. Think of the protagonist as a guide through a movie or presentation. If the guide is not appealing, your audience is probably not going to stay on board for the duration of the story.

Presentation Tip #7 – Bring About Change

Presentations and movies are made up of events. Events should bring about CHANGE that’s relevant to your audience.

If the tone in your presentation is the same from start to finish and nothing significant happens, there’s nothing relevant being said.

Presentation Tip #8 – Arrive At A Climax

A presentation is not a bunch of information just thrown into narrative form but rather a series of events that takes us to a climax. The climax is the high point of your story.

In the movies, every act usually ends with a climatic, powerful message that impacts the main message leaving the audience having had an emotionally satisfying experience.


You can learn a lot about presentations from movies.

When you understand what makes a good movie you can apply that process and put together presentations that will keep everyone in the room from falling asleep.

Mastering the art of how to structure your presentation will greatly enhance your presentation skills and improve the chance of your presentation’s message being received by your audience.

Here’s my question for you …

Now that you have learned some essential presentation tips from movies, do you think that you will try implementing these presentation tips? Why or why not?

Please try to be as specific as possible.

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