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Can Photo Filters Make Your PowerPoint Images Look Better? Yahoo’s Research Says ‘Yes’!

by Adam Noar

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your

Do you love the look that photo filters give Instagram photos? Photo filters have become the latest rage in photo sharing. If you haven’t already noticed, almost every smartphone photo app on the market today has some built-in filters that can transform the look and feel of your images. With photo filters you can easily convert a normal color image to monochrome or give it a vintage look.

The Results Are In! – Photo Filters Make a Difference

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your Images

New research indicates that filtered images garner the most attention on popular web platforms including Instagram and Flickr. According to a recent study by Yahoo Labs, “Filtered photos are 21 percent more likely to be viewed and 45 percent more likely to be commented on.” One of the questions these researchers explored is whether filtering photos changes how people like and comment on them on social media. Interestingly, they found that not all filters affect viewer engagement equally. Their study determined that filters creating a warmer color temperature are more engaging than those with cooler color effects.

Furthermore, the study found that self-described photography enthusiasts often look for filters that highlight salient objects in the photos and try to apply aesthetic effects, such as adding color saturation or making the photo look vintage. The main reasons to apply filters is to fix mistakes, expose certain objects, or manipulate certain colors. More casual photographers like to add artificial vintage effects to their photos and make them more playful and unique. Regardless of the motivation behind using filters, this study concludes that filtered photos  are more likely to result in viewership and community engagement.

Following Yahoo Labs’ findings one can argue that adding filter effects to your PowerPoint slide images can increase your audience’s engagement. Using photo filters is one way to help enhance the CONSISTENCY of your PowerPoint images. And as mentioned in previous posts, consistency is one of the golden rules to a successful and powerful PowerPoint design. By sticking to a consistent photo filter, you can take a set of random looking images and turn them into a more consistent set of images.

Pic Monkey (PowerPoint’s Trusted Friend)

One of my favorite tools to use to add nice photo filters to PowerPoint images is PicMonkey. This tool is a free photo editor that works directly in your web browser. Forget about having to download or install a new application.

PicMonkey makes it easy for you to fix your photos and add beautiful filters or text  (as seen in the example above). Beyond the awesome photo filters, PicMonkey let’s you touch up facial features and create nice looking graphics. Did I mention this tool is ridiculously simple? I can assure you that it will only take a matter of minutes for you to figure out how to use this tool.

Many of the PicMonkey photo filters are free. For additional filter selections, consider upgrading to a “Royale” membership for $4.99 a month. What’s really nice is that for a limited time anyone can try Royale for free for 30 days.

PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your PowerPoint Design Tips | Use Photo Filters to Enhance Your


Many would argue that photo filters enhance the look of any image. But why should social media have all the fun?! If people truly enjoy images with photo filters better then why not apply that knowledge to enhance the images in your presentations by using a photo editor?

While there are many photo editors on the web to choose from, I prefer to use the ones that are simple and intuitive, like PicMonkey. I strongly encourage you to play around with this tool and the many different photo filters.

Here’s my question for you…

After reading this post, do you think you will try applying photo filters to your PowerPoint images? Let me know what you think below and please try to be specific as possible.

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