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Create And Share Live Presentations Across All Devices With Swipe’s Presentation Software

by Adam Noar

Introducing Swipe - The Free Presentation Software That Lets You Create & Share Across Multiple Devices

Presentation software companies are popping up everywhere these days as potential PowerPoint alternatives, including Prezi, Haiku Deck, and Google Presentations to name a few.

One in particular that is making headlines at the moment is a new presentation software company called Swipe, which is a free presentation tool that let’s you create and share LIVE presentations with anyone on any device.

Swipe presentations are created through its free online web app, and they can be viewed on ANY mobile device (i.e., smartphone, tablet, etc.) with a modern browser. In its most basic form, Swipe is a bit like SlideShare, but has several unique features that make it worth taking a look.

Introducing Swipe - The Free Presentation Software That Lets You Create & Share Across Multiple Devices

Features Of Swipe’s Presentation Software 

Swipe provides three main features.

1) Free online presentation creation app – Lets you create free presentations … on any device … from anywhere.

2) Share live presentations from any device – Your presentations can be controlled and ‘broadcast’ live from any device over 3G, LTE or WiFi, and as you swipe (hence the company’s name “Swipe”) through your slides, everyone else who loaded the shared URL can see your presentation in REAL-TIME. You also have the option of making your presentation public or private.

3) Drag and drop to upload files – Using the online web app, you can drag-and-drop to upload files, which can be JPEG/PNG/RAW images, Keynote, PDFs and up to 15 different file-types (though no PowerPoint support yet!). You can also throw other content from across the internet into the mix, including YouTube videos. Moreover, any file that’s uploaded is split into multiple pages inside of Swipe, with users able to throw videos and images into any spot.

Here’s a video demo of Swipe’s presentation software:

Swipe’s Online Presentation Tool Aims To Improve How Presentations Are Shared

According to the folks at Swipe, the main problem with presentations isn’t how to actually make a “slide” says company co-founder and CEO Horia Cernusca. “We all have access to powerful content presentation tools, like PowerPoint, and Keynote and even online content creation tools as well. We want people to use any device they’re comfortable with to create their content, and we’re building a better way to share, interact, and improve the presenter’s and audience’s experience.”

It’s also important to note that Swipe was not designed to be a PowerPoint alternative, but rather a presentation tool that can work in conjunction with these presentation software giants (aka PowerPoint and Keynote). Swipe is a new idea for how live information and media flows from person to person.

The folks at Swipe also highlight that, in their minds, a “slide” can be ANYTHING … not just a static image with text.

This allows you to use the presentation tools you love today and combine powerful web content to create new experiences, collect data, and make sure your audience is connected to your presentation.

Swipe vs. SlideShark

Currently, Swipe is NOT the only presentation software company that is focused on enhancing the presentation sharing experience.

SlideShark is another company out on the market that is focused on sharing presentations across multiple devices. With over 1.5 million downloads and counting, SlideShark is the leading PowerPoint viewer app for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

There are several key similarities and differences between Swipe and SlideShark:

What’s similar:

  • Both Swipe and SlideShark provide live broadcasting to let remote audience members watch presentations on any device

Slide Shark presentation software

What’s different:

  • SlideShark is solely focused on allowing audiences to view and present PowerPoint slides. Since SlideShark is PowerPoint based, presentations maintain all the animations, fonts, colors, graphics, hyperlinks, and videos that you can insert into PowerPoint. Unfortunately for Swipe, the presentation software does not support PowerPoint at this time.
  • With Swipe you can create presentations from any device from Swipe’s web application. SlideShark on the other hand requires users to create their presentations with PowerPoint and then upload the PowerPoint presentation to the SlideShark PowerPoint viewer application.
  • SlideShark offers several extra features when live broadcasting your presentation including “annotations” (lets you draw on and highlight specific parts of your PowerPoint content in real time to capture your audience’s attention) and “presenter mode” (lets you see all of your slide notes are right in front of you, for only you to see).


While there are many presentation tools out there, Swipe is less of a PowerPoint alternative than it is about taking existing content and making it easy to create beautiful, interactive presentations that work cross-platform.

For me personally, I prefer the idea of creating presentations in PowerPoint since there are many advantages of creating a presentation in PowerPoint. Therefore, I would still prefer to use the SlideShark PowerPoint software app when sharing my presentations across multiple devices. While Swipe’s online presentation tool is interesting in terms of its easy file dragging functionality, I feel like the presentation software still needs to innovate more for me to consider moving away from PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi. However, if you’re looking for a totally FREE online presentation creation tool Swipe might be worth looking into.

Here’s my question for you …

After learning a bit about Swipe’s presentation software, do you find its features appealing? If you’re a PowerPoint loyalist would you ever be interested in switching to something like Swipe? Why or why not? What other PowerPoint alternatives do you like?

Sound off in your comments below … And please remember to be specific as possible.

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