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Presentation Templates From Slidevana Could Save You Time … And Your Slides

by Adam Noar

presentation templates - save time with the slidevana template bundle

Are you struggling to find the time to come up with nice looking presentation templates?

If so, there is a new template bundle called Slidevana that might make your life much easier.

What is Slidevana?

To put simply, Slidevana is a bundle of good looking presentation templates for both PowerPoint and Keynote. With over 150 professional rendered slides, Slidevana gives you the tools you need to quickly create dazzling presentations that captivate your audience. Slidevana is available for a one-time download fee of $139 for PowerPoint or Keynote or $199 for both PowerPoint and Keynote.

(Quick note on the name Slidevana: The name Slidevana is formed by combing the words slide and nirvana which means a “state of perfect happiness.” I think this actually a pretty cool name, because when you think about it, a “Slidevana” is exactly what you should be trying to evoke among your audience. The goal of your presentation is to make your audience feel excited and happy as you explain your key message.)

Anyway, back to explaining the product.

One nice feature of Slidevana is that it works on ALL your devices including Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone. The program also works in conjunction with Keynote for Mac and iOS as well as PowerPoint on both Mac and Windows.

Here are some of the great things about the Slidevana’s presentation templates:

  • Templates are available in two color schemes: Slidevana Light and Slidevana Dark
  • Clean, elegant, minimalist information-oriented design
  • Get a bundle of slides for one single price of $139
  • Fully customizable with your logos, graphics, and or color palette
  • 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked
  •  Free lifetime updates

The template bundle offers over 150 slide styles that include the following:

  • Basic layouts (titles, subtitles, etc.)
  • Minimal layouts (creative simple slides to make a point)
  • List layouts
  • Comparisons
  • Tables
  • Maps (with more to be added on)
  • Pyramid diagrams
  • Funnel diagrams
  • Cycle diagrams
  • Block diagrams
  • Gantt charts
  • Timelines
  • 2×2 matrices
  • Quadrant diagrams
  • Venn diagrams
  • Basic charts
  • Combo charts
  • Multi-chart layouts
  • Business frameworks

As far as I see it, Slidevana seems ideal for the busy executive or person that gives presentations weekly and doesn’t have the time to create exciting visual slides. Slidevana will help you make your next presentation easier and memorable while helping you deliver beautiful, professional results every time. As we all know, delivering your message is the most essential part of a presentation. No matter how great your slides look, at the end of the day a tool like this will only add value to your presentation if it helps you convey YOUR STORY.

An advantage of Slidevana presentation templates is that entrepreneur Ravi Mehta has designed the slides with the busy executive in mind. Mehta developed Slidevana out of his own personal needs while searching for good PowerPoint templates. According to Mehta, “There’s always a presentation that needs to get done, whether it’s for a board meeting, sales call, conference, investor pitch, or internal review. Decks need to get done fast and they need to tell a great story. But most presenters spend more than half of their time creating slides, instead of honing their message. That’s why I created Slidevana: to give presenters the ability to focus on their message, not pushing pixels in PowerPoint.”

The presentation templates come in two themes: white & black

presentation templates : save time with the slidevana template bundle

You may be wondering why Slidevana comes in just two visual themes.  Slidevana drew inspiration from the work of Steve jobs and refers to him as a “masterful presenter.” They reference his keynotes, and point out that he kept with a simple slide that provided a canvas for his message, rather than one of the many overdesigned, fancy themes that come with Keynote and PowerPoint. They also mention that his presentations didn’t “brand” his slides with logos or corporate color schemes.  However, if your company does have a preset template with a certain color scheme and layout, and your company prefers that you stick to that standard template, it’s easy enough to copy and paste the content on Slidevana to your company’s template.

Also, it is often assumed that a fancier theme will create a great presentation. This is usually not the case. Rather, it is recommended that you stick with a simple design, like Steve Jobs did, coupled with the strong use of fonts, contrast, and color in order to create slides that will help you deliver your message. The purpose is to eliminate clutter to minimize distractions from your key message. Again, the point is not to let the slides overpower your message. Slidevana will help you create a foundation for your content through the use of simple, sleek, and professional presentation templates.

For most keynote type presentations, Slidevana Dark is recommended because it provides a dark background making it easier to use color to draw the audience’s attention to the most important part of the slide. Slidevana light is recommended for presentations that need to be projected or printed or when brand guidelines dictate a light background.

Is it worth the price?

Slidevana may appear to be expensive, considering it costs $139 for PowerPoint and Keynote each. Keep in mind that you receive a bundle of slides and free lifetime updates, simply purchase the slides and subscribe to their newsletter. You also have the option of buying an all in one pack, which works across all devices, including PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone on PowerPoint and Keynote for a one-time cost of $199.

It’s important to note that hiring a PROFESSIONAL presentation designer (like myself :) ) can be somewhat pricey depending on your presentation criteria (i.e., level of customization, number of slides, level of custom graphics and charts, etc). So, if budget is a concern, then Slidevana might give you the presentation edge that you are looking for while keeping your presentation expenses to a minimum.

presentation templates slideshop

Are there alternatives to Slidevana?

Although there are a variety of template companies available, one that I highly recommend and often use is Slideshop.  Slideshop also offers a large selection of professionally designed PowerPoint templates and slide bundles at various prices. The presentation templates are stylish and high quality.  You can browse through more than 15,000 slides.

All templates and slides at Slideshop are carefully designed so that you can access and use them instantly. Slideshop offers a wide variety for different types of PowerPoint presentation templates. Similar to Slidevana, you will find plenty of bar charts, pie charts, line charts, puzzle diagrams, arrows, cubes, spheres, etc. in different styles and colors. Slideshop has designed several templates to suit various aspects of business, including project management, marketing, planning, sales, management, transportation, finance, recruitment, branding and social networking, to name just a few.

If there’s a specific kind of slide that you want, for example if you are specifically looking for a  sales process slide, than you can search for it and purchase the slide or slide bundle if you like the look. This option gives you the slide(s) you need at a reasonable lower cost. Furthermore, Slideshop offers a presentation design service in which they create all of your slides from scratch at $19 per slide, a fixed price. Although I have not tried the design service myself, I recommend having them design a slide or two for you to see how you like their service before having them do your entire deck that way you know whether you like their style of design or not. In the presentation design world, $19 is on the low side, considering the amount of time it takes to design high levels of customization. But again, if you are looking for something that looks clean and simple Slidevana might suit your needs. I recommend you trying each service to find out what best caters to your presentation needs.

It’s also important to mention that Slideshop is only compatible with PowerPoint. In contrast, Slidevana works with both Keynote and PowerPoint.

While there are many alternatives to Slidevana, an advantage to Slidevana is that you get a bundle of slides for one price and free lifetime updates. You will receive an email whenever Slidevana is updated.  In contrast, many professional presentation templates like Slideshop are often expensive, charging users for each slide or small set of slides. So, again, if you have a budget and want to minimize costs, I recommend you check out Slidevana.


As mentioned earlier, Slidevana is a presentation toolkit that could help you “wow” your audience and deliver your message. Instead of cluttering your presentation with busy or fancy design templates, Slidevana provides a clean, elegant, professional look with its presentation templates.

One of the things I emphasize in my eBook, Slides Made Simple is that presentations should not look cookie cutter with the primary reason being that cookie cutter presentations look generic and boring if seen too many times by an audience. Ideally, you want to customize your slides as much as possible. Depending on your time constraints, choosing a pre-designed template may be a helpful timesaving option.

If you are looking for an additional tool to help you design exciting slides that will get any audience PUMPED and ready for action, you should check out my personally written eBOOK, Slides Made Simple. This eBook is full of HUNDREDS of tips and resources that will get you creating exciting and persuasive presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote. Click here to get your copy of this game changing eBOOK now!

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about Slidevana, do you think that you would be inclined to purchase these templates in the future? Why or why not? Please sound off in your comments below, and make sure to be as specific as possible.

Also, do you have a friend that could benefit from learning about Slidevana? If so, email them a link to this post now. I’m sure they will return the favor to you one day!

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