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PowerPoint Tips | 5 Websites For Finding FREE Vector Graphics

by Adam Noar

powerpoint tips - free vector resources

You know that feeling when your presentation isn’t coming together and you need to test out some different design ideas… and don’t have the extra time drawing something from scratch?

So, you decide to search for some free vector art online.

Sometimes you can get lucky and find what you are looking for right away. However, more often than not, the process of finding what you need among cluttered and confusing websites just adds to the mounting stress of finishing your slides on time.

A good free selection of vector art can be a huge time saver for any presentation design project.

To make things simple for you, we’ve put together a hand-picked guide to the 5 of the best FREE vector art resources. While I often recommend getting subscription to a good stock photography site, such as Deposit Photos, these websites can come in handy if you are under a budget and are looking for vector images.

Note: For all of these resources please note and respect the Creative Commons license if there is one.

1. Vecteezy

Popular site Vecteezy is a all in one place for finding any free vector art that you’re thinking of and is one of the most popular vector websites available. Please note that the quality does vary and you may have to spend some time searching through mediocre vectors before finding something that is good enough to use. However, it can be worth the time because there are some quality vector graphics to be found here.

powerpoint tips - vecteezy

2. All Silhouettes

When you’re looking for specifically for silhouette type images, All Silhouettes is a great collection of almost 9,000 free silhouettes as symbols, shadows, objects etc.You can explore the silhouette graphics from the categories mentioned on the right or use the tag cloud. All Silhouettes trumps many other free vector art websites in that everything is clearly labeled, fairly quick to navigate, and the vast selection of images are available as bumper vector packs rather than single images.

powerpoint tips - All Silhouettes

3. Cool Vectors

A nice website that allows you to share your vectors or download free ones. Vectors are rated and arranged in categories available from a dropdown. One of the categories you can check out is the colorful Spills & Splatters.

powerpoint tips - cool vectors

4. Fudgegraphics

Use these textures to represent anything from blood splatters to hand drawn bird wings.

Fudgegraphics is a creative design blog run by Franz Jeitz so it doesn’t have a huge selection of freebies like other vector stock sites. However, everything here is made to a high quality including one of the best free splatter vector files available online. This blog is definitely worth including in your search for free vector art.

powerpoint tips - fudgegraphics

5. Brands of the World

If you use lots of logos in your slides make sure to bookmark this site.

Here you can find high-resolution logos of almost every major organization in the world.

Brands of the World is a great time saver if you’re designing for corporate clients and don’t want to sit around waiting for someone to forward you a hi-res version of a certain logo.

powerpoint tips - brands of the world


Quality vector graphics can give your slides that “designer look” you’ve been seeking. If your not prepared to sign up for a subscription to a stock photography site, a little digging through some free vector websites might do the trick.

Here’s my question for you …

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