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PowerPoint Tips | How to Display a Quote That Demands Attention

by Adam Noar

Presentation Design - PowerPoint tips - create your shadows

Do you have a favorite quote but feel stuck on how to display it in your next PowerPoint presentation?

In this post, we will walk you through a few simple steps to take your favorite quote and display it in a way that will grab your audience’s attention.

Displaying quotes in your PowerPoint slides is a powerful technique and a great way to engage your audience. Additionally, quotes can add credibility to your story by showing the audience you have done your research.

While there are many different ways to display quotes, I’m going to share one particular method that will be sure have a powerful impact on your audience.

Step 1. Find Your Quote

The first step is to pick your quote. I personally like to share different quotes from several experts, authors or industry leaders to support my points. Be sure to choose a quote by someone who’ll enhance or at least maintain your presentations credibility. For example, if you’re speaking to business people, it might be relevant to quote Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

Also, use quotes that are short and quick reads for your audience. That way they will be more likely to grasp your key message. It can become quite tedious when a presenter reads a paragraph from a screen. Occasionally, you may need to use a long quote.  In that case, try using an ellipsis (3 dots: …) to show where you’ve cut certain words out.

If you don’t already have a quote to use, you can find quotes online very easily. Simply do a Google search with “your topic + quote.”

For this example, we’ll take a quote from famous physicist and philosopher, Albert Einstein:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” — Albert Einstein

Step 2. Add Text to Your Slide

Our second step is to add text to the slide and to arrange the text however you like. You can modify the font, background, color of text, text size, etc.  In this example, we’ve picked the font “Special Elite.” For more great looking fonts to use with your quotes check out “Font Trends For 2015.”

If there are certain keywords you want to highlight, you might want to consider making those particular words larger than the rest of the words in the quote. Using contrast in the size of the words will make the larger words jump out.

Presentation Design - PowerPoint tips - find a quote

Presentation Design - PowerPoint tips - change the font

Step 3. Add Shapes 

The next step is to first create some shapes a little bit bigger than your text. Then, place those shapes behind your text. You can play around with shapes by changing their lengths and widths. You can also rotate them at slightly different angles.

Presentation Design - PowerPoint tips - add your shapes

Step 4. Add Transparent Shapes

Finally, create another set of shapes the same exact size from the previous set of shapes and make them a darker charcoal/black color. Then make these shapes transparent by adjusting the transparency to 36%. This will produce a nice shadow effect. Place these shadow-like shapes behind the first set of shapes and now you have a nice shadow effect for all the shapes on your slide.

Presentation Design - PowerPoint tips - create your shadows


I hope that you found these PowerPoint tips useful.

Quotes need to be showcased properly in PowerPoint to make an impact. Following these tips will help you display a quote that stands out in your next presentation.

Let me ask you this …

Do you have a friend that could use some help designing some nice looking PowerPoint slides for an important presentation they have coming up? If so, make sure to send them a link to these presentation tips. I’m sure they will return the favor one day to you!


Do you think you will try these PowerPoint tips yourself? Leave me a detailed comment below! I make sure to read each and every one!

Lastly, if you found these tips helpful please share with your friends.

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