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The Presentation Panda Writer’s Toolbox

by Adam Noar

presentation tips - writers toolbox

When it comes to presentation design there’s a whole process of information gathering, idea generation, and story creation involved. Just like in a real toolbox, you may use any tool you need to help you in each step of the writing process for presentation design. Here is a list of my favorite tools for writing presentation content:


I can honestly say that I use Wunderlist on a daily basis. Wunderlist lets you sync to the cloud and allows you to prioritize with unlimited lists, tasks, and features. The folder system allows you to organize tasks by different projects or labels. It also has a handy feature that lets you see the things you’ve already accomplished on any list. Did I mention that it’s FREE? I especially like being able to have shared lists. I’ve signed up an account for my fiancée and we are now able to keep track of our shared lists, including errands, groceries, and events to name a few.

Scribble Paper

Make sure your desk is always stocked with a pile of scribble paper and pens in a couple of different colors. Whether you are online or offline, you should always have some way to write down an idea as it comes to mind. Hand sketching a few thoughts on paper might help you organize your ideas better before moving forward. Alternatively, consider carrying around a small notebook. The important thing here is to always have something with you or near you.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage system with a host of web-based productivity tools and is ideal for collaborative projects. Google Drive let’s people view, comment, and participate in writing together. The neat thing is that documents that are uploaded show when they were last edited and by whom. Access to your work is permitted by invitation or by sharing.


Evernote helps you remember what’s important. It is one of the easiest places to store most types of information, such as notes, outlines, ideas, and images. Evernote is the simplest way to catalog and browse through each new note you’ve created without having to open file folders or preview documents. When writing, this proves useful because it’s all accessible and speedy. This is a great tool for brainstorming and early stages of presentation design.


Possibly the most important thing! I have found coffee to be one of the best methods for putting me in a writing mode. No writing session would be complete without a cup of joe. In fact, all my best content work has been fueled by coffee.


Writing tools don’t have to be anything special or expensive, but they are important. So, make sure you get familiar with all of these tools since they can greatly ENHANCE your presentation design. Taking advantage of these tools can help you to strengthen your process and make you more productive and efficient, allowing you to focus more on your writing and less on other tasks.

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